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Chinese animation has a super multi-billion dollar derivatives market value of each of the huge space for development, the market cake temptation to Chinese animation companies eager to develop derivatives. However, the “animation derivatives is every aspect of the development of an industry, a simple input is very risky.” Guangzhou Original Power Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Man-Yi Liu, general manager recently participated in “animation with the Toy Industry Summit Forum,” warned the case when the peers.
100 billion value of derivatives super hard to eat cake
Investment Consultants published in the “2010-2015 China’s animation industry, the prospects for investment analysis and forecast report” shows that China’s sales of baby food each year around 35 billion yuan, the annual toy sales of 20 billion yuan or so, children’s clothing annual sales of 900 billion yuan, children’s audio-visual products and a variety of children’s publications, the annual sales of 10 billion yuan … … In a way, these products can be developed for the animation derivatives. Animation industry, the ideal profit model should be as follows: the proceeds from the three broadcast rights, Qi Cheng from the derivatives market on the cartoon image of the mandate.
However, the Chinese market, 90% of the cartoon image of the license the image occupied by foreign cartoons, China’s domestic market share of the cartoon image of less than 10%. “This has led to the image of China’s animation industry is difficult to find companies willing to buy the development rights animation derivatives.” Developed Pig Yong Xia’s voice Culture Company CEO Zhibin Gu told reporters that because the brand appeal is less than the foreign animation companies, coupled with piracy rampant, Chinese animation enterprises can not rely on derivatives to earnings development chain.
“It also involves an efficiency problem.” Altman has been developed, such as animation Pig Xia derivatives yayao River Food Company owner Chan Yiu-kwong said that the distribution of benefits derived from goods model, there are two, one was a one-time licensing company Anime image royalty payments; two companies each are authorized derivatives sold an animation, must be in accordance with the contract to the animation company’s rebate. “If the sales of derivatives is not good, it authorized the company to loss. But the company’s competitors, if the downstream use of animation marketing, also forcing the companies take the initiative to develop.”
Derivatives not do cartoons would not be able to survive
For the animation businesses, “pre-writing stage of the animation is the cost of investment, first and foremost with the TV industry chain integration, that is, the exchange of advertising and television stations, but this will increase the cost, very difficult to profit.” Lau Man-yee said, “Early The company also envisages the development of derivative products into the impulse, but later in the development of drinks, but found that due to intellectual property issues, commodities can not just pile up, but want to spend a lot of money renting warehouse. product expires, how to digest is also a big problem. “
As a result, that the original driving force, rather than direct investment might as well hand in hand with investors. Xi Yang Yang and the film’s success to the development of derivatives snowball getting bigger. According to reports, the beginning of the mandate for more than 30 kinds of derivatives, has now grown to more than 150 authorized providers, including cultural books, audio-visual, flooring, wallpaper and many other fields.
But even so, “Xi Yang Yang of the derivatives market 90% of pirated goods, resulting in income of original power derivatives accounted for only 40% of the company’s total revenue.” Lau Man-yee said.
“And if not do derivatives, cartoon would not be able to survive.” Zhibin Gu told reporters that although there are several hundred Chinese children’s channel, but free to watch the model led to the domestic television animation of the purchase price of the extremely low, and many animation companies In the project started after a few years, are faced with the embarrassing situation of shortage of funds. At this point, derivatives proceeds to become an important way of animated profitable.

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