Beach Wedding Favors Can be so Hard to Find!

When a bride and a groom plan their wedding, they want everything to express their own personalities and interests. The bride can spend hours searching for just the right dress, and will fuss over every detail of the reception dinner. And there is probably no other element of the wedding that expresses their personality better than the wedding favors, the unique and memorable gift to the guests to thank them for their presence and to give them something to remember the wedding by.

Favors for the Beach Wedding

If a bride and groom are planning a beautiful wedding on the beach, they no doubt are searching for some beach wedding favorsthat match the theme and tone of the wedding as well. After all, just because a wedding is being held on the beach doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be an informal affair or that they have no concern for what the guest will take home after the reception. Beach wedding favors don’t need to be cheap or tacky, and can really celebrate a bride and groom’s love of the surf, the sand, the sunshine, and of course of each other.

So what are some good ideas for personal and affordable beach wedding favors? Obviously using sand as a base is an idea – many people put sand from the very beach where they are being married into small jars, and tie them with a decorate ribbon. You can also add a colorful label with a personalized message or photo of the bride and groom.

Seashells are another common element for beach wedding favors. Some have found seashell-shaped bottle openers, place cards, and candles to be a good idea. Or, a collection of seashells in a tulle bag also wrapped with a ribbon can be done for a memorable keepsake.

If you’re looking for beach wedding favors that are a bit more practical, you can always opt for coasters, picture frames, key chains, and items like these that have a beach theme or feel to them. Some companies will allow you to personalize these items at an additional charge of course.

A Hot Trend in Beach Wedding Favors

And one last hot ticket item for beach wedding favors is personalized candy bar wrappers with a beach or ocean theme. This is a great idea because while not everyone may appreciate your beach-themed favors, virtually everyone loves chocolate! For example, if you were to visit, one of the internet’s leading candy bar wrappers site, you would find that they have about a dozen or so different designs for beaches, along with designs for nature, designs that are fun and whimsical, traditional, elegant, simple, and everything in between. Many have found that personalized candy bar wrappers are a great keepsake and souvenir for guests, and that they are very affordable as well.

The bottom line is that beach wedding favors will allow you to be creative and personal and don’t need to be cheap or tacky looking, if you’re willing to put in some time and effort to search for just the right ones for you!

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