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Received calls day and night rush the boss of the report? Sorry decline invitations went to the PUB friends rave party? Excellent football match or could not withstand the temptation of the night? Either overtime or fun, stay up all night routine of urban white-collar workers alike. After staying up late just seems a bit miserable face: eye bags, dark circles, acne strikes them altogether … … how to stay up all night to minimize the harmful effects of the rapid elimination of overnight tired? Come see us for your first aid program to create the beautiful.

Stay up all night before the dinner of the provision of adequate energy

Case: millet is the newspaper’s night editor, the usual working hours are generally from 7 pm to midnight one or two. As a typical family of long-term stay up all night, millet is the night when the experience can not make up as much as possible without make-up, should not increase the burden of skin, but also save valuable time remover. She also attaches particular importance to the main meal a day, that is, before this night dinner.

Responses: family stay up all night most likely to suffer vision, combined with solar ultraviolet radiation during the day to accept the lack of time, so the vitamins A, D of the requirements for more, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, and the right amount of heat is also a family of easy to stay up late lack of nutrients, and therefore the focus of the dinner to add. Some evening meal time can be arranged, before the 12 hours of labor is appropriate. In addition to eating dinner with a certain percentage of coarse grains of cereal staple food, the can eat some fruits, vegetables, beans and protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, milk, etc., to supplement the physical exertion. Not too much fat, or affect the digestion. Dessert is taboo, although the high-calorie high-sugar, exciting start, but will consume vitamin B, but after the excitement will lead to fatigue, but also easily lead to obesity. In addition, to add some more food containing collagen, help restore skin elasticity and luster. But it should eliminate spicy foods, sensitive skin as possible Eat less seafood.

In addition, family stay up all night to drink boiled water, because water can easily stay up all night family health. But not drinking coffee or tea, as coffee or tea may cause insomnia, and prone to eye bags and dark circles. In addition, there is a certain refreshing for those who stay up late night oral, many people take it as a magic weapon. The oral solution has some effect on the refreshing, but will have drunk dependence, it is best avoided.

TIPS: a lot of family around us will stay up all night to put some instant noodles, potato chips and other junk food, hungry to fill their stomachs when Shunshou Na. But such food can not digest, will add to the burden of digestive tract, but also to lipid increased adverse health. In addition, try not to stay up all night to smoke when drinking, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of skin, causing greater harm to the body.

Late night Quickly Remover + release emotions

Case: Sandy is truly a “party animal”, a day after work, her greatest pleasure is to be replaced with party equipment installed commute, dress bright shining city in the most popular Pub in the haunt. However, after each had high, Sandy had relieved the heavy makeup, so she acquired the unique skills and rapid remover soothing mood brilliant idea.

Responses: out than usual 1 / 3 the amount of face cream on the palm of his hand, with his finger in the eye a little massage for 30 seconds, wipe with a cotton sheet; the remaining coated emulsion even in the face, hands together massage 60 seconds, be careful not to miss any corner; will face wash sponge wet, lightly gripping the excess water, wipe the two to three times repeated, until the dissolution of the residual his face and latex makeup and dirt was all cleaned up. Some latex-like facial cleanser gently wash away not only dirt, but also can dissolve the make-up, so any skin can help it achieve remover, clean one-step time-saving effect. In addition, sponge with a face wash instead of normal tissues, red face with water can be removed from the steps. To save time, you can scrub with a solution instead of normal function of beauty lotion, a lot of beauty both liquid and soften skin toner, deep cleansing effect, use this function, you can not take away clear cleanser stubborn stains can be achieved quickly and be assured of the deep cleansing effect. As the essence of the cream easily absorbed than, and can stimulate cell activity, and metabolic cycle. It can be painted essence clean skin, gently tapping with the palm of your hand, to be completely absorbed, and then coated with normal use of the late frost, then fastest washed bed.

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