Best Beaches of the East

Asia is known for its conservative culture. But apart from that the continent is also home to myriad beaches waiting to be discovered. Several countries in the Eastern region of the globe are already favored destinations among travelers from the west. To inspire you even more, here are three lovely beaches of Asia you should not miss when touring the region.

Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Of course! When speaking of sparkling white sand beaches who would forget the tempting island of Bali, Indonesia. The Kuta Beach that peacefully lies in the calm island of Bali, has gained its reputation as among the most visited beaches in the whole of Bali after attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Kuta prides its unique culture showcasing how the beach embraces the culture of the west. Once in the beach coasts, foreign visitors can witness other travelers as they lay their nude body under the heat of the sun.

Haad Sai Kao in Thailand

The country of Thailand is never left behind when it comes to lovely beaches. Haad Sai Kao (White Sand Beach) in Ko Chang, Thailand is probably among the most magnificent destinations in the country. From the name itself, travelers and beach lovers can start exploring what to expect from the beach.

Thailand prides Haad Sai Kao for being one of the beaches in the country that give life to their tourism industry. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, shops, and sports complexes are also lining the streets of Haad Sai Kao, so finding an alternative entertainment after a tiring day at the beach is indeed pleasurable.

Tioman, Malaysia

Every tourist wanting to experience a different kind of vacation must try the relaxation offered by the tiny island of Tioman in Malaysia. Known to the east as the island of the sleeping dragon, Tioman is filed with unmatched beaches surrounding the entire island.

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