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Create Success By Choosing Thoughts That Empower

The real thoughts, Latesha, are the thoughts that you choose. I wanted Latesha to understand that the thoughts she chooses to nurture will determine her destiny in life. For instance, I continued, lets look at that thought, people will see me have a panic attack. If that happened, what would that mean about you? It […]

Cornwall’s best surf beaches

British surfers don’t have to head to California or Australia’s Gold Coast to find excellent surfing conditions, with Cornwall on the sunny south-west coast being increasingly recognised as a world-class destination a little closer to home for surfing and other water sports. With its numerous beaches catching some of the best waves in the UK […]

Proven Success Factors That Guarantee Self Improvement

As much as there are many success factors to consider in order for you to make it in life, there are those that simply stand the test of time. One ingredient of personal growth is having self esteem. Sir Nathaniel B. once said: To trust one’s mind and to know that one is worthy of […]

Beach Wear For Men & Women

Retailers are becoming more mobile, the size fashion stores where you start your search online for fashionable dresses, plus size women dresses reach a counter last year. Rather than wearing jeans and a top to a party, make a few dresses up your wardrobe basic. Of course, a little black dress should be on everyones […]

Fascinating Beaches of Kerala

Far from the hustle-bustle of cities, Kerala beaches are the perfect destinations for spending refreshing holidays. Tourists from across the globe travel to Kerala for enjoying the pristine beauty of nature. Kerala is a land of unsurpassed natural beauty which never fails to capture the hearts of tourists. The beaches of Kerala offer sheer natural […]