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Hot Wedding Trends For 2009 Influenced by Economy, Sustainability

It’s the day you’ve dreamed about for years – your wedding day. However once you start shopping for venues and accents you may come to determine that the price estimates to make your day as you’ve always imagined quickly rise beyond your budget. Don’t worry, there are wonderful ways to make your wedding celebration unique […]

It’s All About the Accessories! Wedding Accessories That Is!

When it’s your day, you are the bride and it truly is ‘your day’. The dress you wear gains so much focus and attention as this the dress you specifically chose for your wedding day. The dress can also be enhanced with accessories to reflect your personal style. Whether you are wearing a hat, flowers […]

Catering Healthy Food For Your Wedding Reception

Catering a wedding reception is no longer about trays of finger sandwiches, tea cookies, small bowls of nuts and mints, and punch. Now catering wedding receptions is about presentation of succulents meats, crisp vegetables, pasta dishes, platters of fruits and, of course, the bar. Catering is now about flatbreads, rice dishes, vegetables, fish and fowl. […]

Clutter Is Only Money in Your Pocket

By saving your receipts and sales slips you can save money by providing a proof of purchase. This proof is essential for taxes as it is your only solid proof of the purchase. When tax time comes around, those deductions add up, thus providing you savings for your pocket. If there are purchases made, small […]

Silver Knot Cufflinks Can Be Perfect For Any Wedding

You are planning the dress code of your wedding ceremony. Though there are several others to share your responsibilities of planning the wedding ceremony and the dresses, you want to take the responsibility of selecting the dress. You are a fashion conscious person and you want everything to be perfect on the day of your […]