Catering Healthy Food For Your Wedding Reception

Catering a wedding reception is no longer about trays of finger sandwiches, tea cookies, small bowls of nuts and mints, and punch. Now catering wedding receptions is about presentation of succulents meats, crisp vegetables, pasta dishes, platters of fruits and, of course, the bar. Catering is now about flatbreads, rice dishes, vegetables, fish and fowl. Most importantly, it is about providing healthy options, without sacrificing variety and flavor.

Many people have the idea that healthy eating means raw celery and plain chicken; this is hardly the case. Options vary greatly, and can include roast pork and red snapper, shrimp in garlic sauce and lobster. Boiled or roast potatoes and mixed vegetables are the perfect side for practically any entree. It can mean stuffed mushrooms and stuffed sole, baked ziti, and baked potatoes. So what are some choices for catering your wedding reception with healthy foods?

The various fish dishes associated with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine are a perfect fit for any reception. Try clams in garlic sauce or shrimp in garlic sauce. There are cod cakes and shrimp cakes. Octupus, calamari, lobster and mussels are available. Do you prefer other meats? Roast suckling pig, BBQ chicken, meatballs and ribs are all popular and affordable options. Do you not care for vegetables? Perhaps three bean salad, macaroni or potato salad in addition to rice and pastas will work.

And that is just the appetizers. Your guests will be delighted when they are served lobster tail with filet mignon, stuffed filet of sole, roast veal with mushrooms, roast pork, beef and lamb, paella and mascada. Grilled is also represented with grilled grouper, shrimp and filet mignon. Healthy is in how the food is prepared and how well the food retains its vitamins and minerals, because high heat can destroy these vital things. Roasting, grilling, and slow cooking help to retain these necessary vitamins and minerals.

Catering is all about presentation, which encompasses all the five senses. Healthy food is all the more appealing when it’s presented in attractively garnished warming trays set on tables clad in white cloth. When the venue is clouded with the aromas of succulent dishes and you follow your nose, healthy smells good. When healthy foods at a wedding reception are served by well dressed polite servers, healthy food does not feel so different. When the flavors touch your tongue and each taste is an adventure in discovery, healthy food tastes wonderful. Complementary wines complete the experience, enhancing the flavors of the foods.

Catering is all about presentation. Caterers bring their product to your venue from setup to clean-up so that you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying your special day. Catering your wedding reception with healthy foods means you can enjoy this time with your family and friends, knowing that they will benefit from eating the healthy food presented by the caterer. Their healthy bodies will not tire from dancing all night, catching the bouquet and tossing bird seed at the newly married couple as they drive off into their future hand in hand.

Healthy does not have to be raw, nor unappetizing. Leaving the task of providing healthy food up to a premier caterer guarantees elegantly fed, healthy, smiling family and friends and a worry free wedding reception to be remembered fondly by all.

Bill Oliveira is the owner of Chateau of Spain Restaurant located in Newark, NJ. The restaurant is conveniently located close to the Prudential Center. This establishment offers a wide variety of food for dine-in, catering, and more.

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