Choosing Your Invitation Designer – Top 5 Factors to Consider

So many invitation designers out there, how do you pick which one you want to hire? Do you go with the big established cookie-cutter stationery company? Or do you give the rookie a chance? Do you fork over your down payment on your new car? Or do you hold out for the designer who will accommodate your budget? Here are the top 5 things to consider when hiring your invitation designer.

1. Your Budget:
So, obviously one major factor is your budget. If the designer you’re considering has a set price list and you can already tell that their pricing is beyond what you can afford, you may consider sending them an email to see if they have any solutions that may fall within your desired price range. Some companies will decline, stating that their invitations start at a base level and they can’t help you, but you will find some companies can be very accommodating to these types of requests. If budget is a factor for you, definitely make sure to mention this to the designer when you consult with them.

2. How Important are your invitations in the grand scheme of things?
Some people would much rather spend the money on the photography, and creating a beautiful memory with amazing pictures. Others want to leave an impression from the moment people find out about the wedding and set the tone for the entire event. You need to decide if your wedding stationery is a priority for you, and this will have a lot to do with what type of invitation company you end up choosing. If your invites aren’t a big priority, then you may be better off with a set chosen from an online catalogue of a business that may or may not be local, but will look decent and will convey the message: bride will marry groom on day, month, year, at this time and at this church. You’re not particular about how accurately the colours match your linens, or if the flowers on the card match the flowers your bridesmaids are holding. However, if you fall into the other category and your invitations are a keepsake you’ll hold onto to show your own daughter when she gets married, do your research.

Find the small local invitation designer that will sit down with you and understand your needs, your style, and of course (the magic word again…) your budget. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable when they involve you in the design process and you’re able to voice your concerns about the direction your design is going in. You can request the green to be greener, and the border to be a little bit thicker. You’ll also be happier to spend the extra buck to get the exact set you dreamed of.

3. Their experience level
Do you trust the rookie? Or should you go with the established company? Well, this all depends… ask to see some sample work, check to see how many brides they’ve worked with. If they’re too new to show you samples, are you willing give this company the responsibility of creating your invitations without seeing any proof of what they’ve done for others? Eep! Maybe not. Experience level doesn’t necessarily mean that this company has to be in business for years, but they should have some sort of sample work to show for their skill level. If they’re new and you don’t feel confident in their work, keep looking! With weddings, whether we’re talking about your invitation designer or your cake designer, you need to TRUST your vendors. Keep looking until you find a designer you click with, and you feel they understand your needs.

4. Testimonials
Check their site to see if they have any testimonials. This may not be as much of a factor for the new invitation designers out there, they may not have had much opportunity to collect testimonials (but this doesn’t discount their abilities!) – but it’s definitely helpful to read the positive feedback other brides have about this company you’re considering.

5. Their Attitude
There are so many wedding invitation companies out there, do they really care to have your contract? Do they go above and beyond? Are they willing to meet your budget, or at least try to figure out a way to get it close? After meeting with you, do they follow up? Do they seem excited about your ideas? Do you click with them on a personal level? Will you enjoy working with this designer? You’ll be working with these people for a good month or two, all of these things should be a factor.

There are altogether too many horror stories about wedding invitations – we at Designed by Yours Truly hope that this article has helped a little bit in deciding on who will help you announce your big news!

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