Designing Your Own Baby Shower Invites

For first-timer pregnant soon-to-be mamas, nothing compares to the excitement of bringing a newborn to this world. Traditionally, friends or family members organize a baby shower for the mom-to-be. A baby shower is a great party for her, because it gives a chance for the guests to give gifts that she can use for her upcoming bundle of joy. Aside from that, a baby shower can gather friends and family members who live far from the mom-to-be. So basically, it gives everyone a great bonding time, especially to those who never get to see and talk the guest of honor that often.

For some, planning a baby shower can be a big challenge, as it entails so many tasks to do –from preparing the invitations, finding a good venue and decorating, preparing the food, to preparing games and baby shower favors. The first thing, however, that the organizer should do is to make the expected guests aware of the baby shower itself. For this, sending out baby shower invites is very important.

What others don’t know about the baby shower invites is that they are actually the ones that set up a mood for the party second to the baby shower theme. They are meant to give the guests a bit of idea on what to expect at the party. So for organizers who wish to make baby shower invites themselves, here are some tips, especially for making the invites look good to give an impression to the guests.

Choose a perfect theme that fits the baby shower. From there, you can get an inspiration on how to design your invites. If you want the party to be casual, pick a theme that will show off that certain style and theme you want. But if you want the party to be a formal affair, your chosen theme should reflect that formal style you wish. Nonetheless, the theme must tell a story about the expectant mom and her upcoming baby.

Once you have a specific theme in mind, check out the available invitations and separate the options that fit the need of the shower. Go through those cards and carefully choose the one that really stands out above the rest. If you don’t want to buy pre-made invites, you might just want to make those available cards as your inspiration in making your own baby shower invitations.

Another way to make the invites look good is to choose the wordings to be printed on your invites. Carefully choose the wordings that answer the questions the guests might have about the proposed baby shower. Consider some extra wordings as well if the party requires some things that the guests should do. For example, if it requires a specific dress code, then it should written on the invites so that everyone knows about it and can prepare for it before the big day comes.

The baby shower invites may also contain information about the baby registry. Having that info on the cards makes the guests aware of the where to find baby shower gifts and what baby gifts to buy for the mom-to-be.

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