Discount Decorating Ideas – A Pocket-Pleasant Home

Reality TV shows on home makeovers never fail to remind you just how plain and miserable your own little cosy niche is. You see these so-called experts tearing an entire living room into pieces and building something totally new – not to mention ridiculously expensive! While there you are, grumpily watching the whole thing as you sit on your weathered couch in a room that has seen better days, or years for that matter!

It makes you wish you were born as a Trump, Hilton…or Hefner! But don’t get all depressed just yet. There are various ways in which you can update your living space without the risk of you getting into a pile of debt. Discounted designing options don’t have to appear as if they came from a second-hand store. You can still achieve the home of your daydreams!

What you need to do first is to look for a picture of a room or house you really like. This will keep you inspired throughout the makeover. The “inspiration room” may look like a million bucks but you don’t have to shell out just as much. Extravagant pieces can be replaced by slightly more affordable items that still give the theme a similar look. This picture will only serve as a guide so that you won’t end up buying a chair or a pillow that will look “misplaced” when it’s put in the room.

Having done that, what you need to do next is to check the condition of your walls. If you’re lucky enough to have something in a neutral shade of either white or beige then you may go to the next paragraph. But if that isn’t the case, then I’m afraid you have to get started on giving your wall a paint job. Depending on the size of your room and the quality of the paint you’re going to use, this part of your makeover project is the most costly of all. Although it is a cost that is very reasonable considering the fact that a bad paint job is all it takes to ruin your masterpiece. So even if you might have to spend a month’s salary on this, do remember that great paint is still your best accessory!

The flooring should be your other concern. Can it still be rescued from ruin? Or is it the worst case scenario? Instead of buying a new set of tiles, why not invest on a large area rug that covers most of the flaws on the floor? Scour your favorite stores for bargain finds that can be as cheap as twenty to thirty bucks. If this isn’t enough to camouflage the not-so-good state of your floor, then it’s a good idea to purchase some plywood for a sub floor. Afterwards, add intertwining plastic-coated flooring and self-adhering tiles to produce an artificial yet convincing wooden or stone floor look.

Now let’s get to furnishings. Always bear in mind that quality does not relate to price all the time. You can chance on charming yet affordable pieces in warehouse and garage sales, even in thrift stores! These can be excellent replacements as an alternative for the outrageously pricey items in the ideal room you used as an inspiration (remember the one we talked about earlier). If some of these pieces need some slight repair, then all it takes is a tool kit and a bit of creativity to revamp it according to your heart’s desire!

Stop the urge to splurge! Your next big home makeover can be totally debt-free!

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