Dogs Are Like Children, They Want to Play With Their Friends

When you have kids you set up play dates with other kids. Children love to go over to others kid houses or to the park to play. Have you ever thought that maybe your dog may like to do this too?

All dogs need to get out to play with other dogs. Just like every person in the world our furry friend need to have playtime. Can you think of a better way to do this than setting up a play date?

All of you need to have those special times that we go out with others to do things that we love. Who does not love going to movies, out to lunch, or for walks with our friends. Well if you have a dog, then you have a friend, and your dog should have friends as well. Others dogs that they love to play with. When was the last time that you called up the caretaker of one of your dog friends and set up a date with them?

You can go too, while you dogs play, you can visit with your friend also. There are vary few more enjoyable things in life that to watch dogs wrestling and jumping around with each other. Dogs will be dogs. They love to chase each other, watch each other, or just walk together, sniffing and peeing on different things.

If you have not done this with you dog why not try it you find out that you like it. We all need friends that we like to hang out with. Your dog is not different. They need close friends. Friends can be those are younger than they are. Don’t we all love being a mentor? Why would your dog be any different? Friends can be close to our own age, ones that we can relate to on the same lever. Why should you dog be any different? We may even have a friend or two that are older than we are. Those that we look up to and admire, again why should you dog be any different?

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