Easter 2011 ? Celebrate Resurrection of Jesus Christ with great Spirituality

Easter Sunday is a cheerful day for Christians because they trust that Jesus ascend from the dead on this day. They believe that Jesus Christ’s resurrection shows that death is not the end of everything. Many go to church to thank God for Jesus Christ’s life. On easter sunday, church bells have rung and churches have decorated with flowers such as white lilies which are associated with Easter. The colors in the church modify to white or gold which are attentions to be the best colors.The rebirth of Jesus Christ is one of the essential principles and beliefs of Christianity and a well recognized historical truth. Christians observe Easter Sunday because they consider, Jesus died for their offense on the Cross on Good Friday. Jesus was hidden on Friday and rose from death on Sunday.

The people of Christian civilizations believe only Jesus can give everlasting life, because He defeats death. Easter observes assure of life in the face of death. Easter celebrations also reproduce on peace and forgiveness which has come out of violence. It is also an occasion for thinking about suffering, injustice and destitution. During Good Friday services Christians contemplate on Jesus Christ’s suffering and on his words spoken from the cross: ‘Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.’In the year of 2011, the easter 2011 will celebrate on 24th April.

The day on which Easter falls varies from year to year. Easter is consequently observed between late March and late April and can extend to early on May in the Eastern Christian churches. Easter Day is a trendy day for presence church, getting together for a big family meal and enactment an Easter egg hunt. It is also a good moment for people to decorate Easter eggs, join in Easter craft contests and to pamper in holiday recipes, such as mustard-crusted lamb and the Easter basket cake.Easter cards express your affectionate and touch hearts of all beloved ones whether lying far or near, with the magical words, right away.

These easter cardsJust rekindle mood & amusement of celebrating the favorable occasion, Easter by sending religious messages, love messages, friendly notes and cozy messages for family members and enthusiastic greetings to all and especially to whom you are missing desperately on Easter day.Friendship is not merely a relation it is the attachment of two hearts of similar thoughts and feelings. Because of a community of a creature men love to create friends to further this procedure of socialization. A friend is the single person in one’s life to distribute all his feelings such as his happiness and his sorrows.

There is not anything in the world that could not contribute to with a friend. A good friend is the last sanctuary of every one. In the year 2011 friendship day will fall on august 1st on the day of Sunday. On friendship day, you might be exchanging your flowers, cards and gifts with your loving friends. The day is most popular in all over the globe. The friendship day cards are the way to communicate your feeling of heart about your friends. You can give him various greeting cards and e-cards that you can find easily.

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