Enjoy Beach Holidays In Jersey

Jersey is a great destination for a quick break from work and home, and lots of people take the opportunity to visit for a midweek or weekend break. Jersey can provide a great mix between English and French cultures, due to the island’s proximity to France. Most places and streets will have French names; however the currency is all English. This makes Jersey a very convenient place to visit for a quick break, as you don’t need to exchange any money before or after your stay; it also helps you to be aware of exactly how much you are spending whilst you are away!

Jersey is great for beach holidays, as it enjoys miles of picturesque sandy beaches and stunning coastal cliffs. When you are planning to visit Jersey, cheap hotels close to the beach are easy to find in lots of locations around the island. The type of holiday that you are planning will dictate the location of the hotel that you choose.

When you are arranging your trip to Jersey, cheap hotels in a seafront town may be perfect if you are planning to have a go at a few water sports or explore the town’s local restaurants and bars in the evenings. Larger beaches with more amenities will be located by main towns such as St Helier, and these will often feature activities for tourists such as windsurfing, jet skiing and more sedate ways to pass the time such as fishing.

Jersey cheap hotels which are located in seaside towns are great for visitors who would like to spend lots of time on the beach, but also fit in a theatre visit or hunt out some friendly local bars or clubs. If you would prefer a quiet and relaxing beach trip to Jersey, cheap hotels which are located outside of the main towns but close to the beaches may be better for you. There are a wide variety of places to stay which can offer great beach access, and hotels which are in more rural areas may have more services such as restaurants or bars on-site, so that you do not need to venture out in the evenings.

Secluded beach hotels may not have as many facilities in terms of water sports, however they are perfect for holiday makers who like to walk along the sands, curl up with a blanket and a good book, or simply enjoy the scenery. On site or close local restaurants are also a bonus, as you won’t have to travel far to get a good dinner.

When you are planning your visit to Jersey, cheap hotels can be found in abundance in lots of different locations. Think carefully about the type of holiday you are planning, and the style of activities you would like to partake in once you arrive. This should help you to decide whether you would prefer a bustling town location or a more secluded beach retreat, and you can then go about finding the perfect hotel for your trip.

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