Essential Research For A Beach Holiday

No matter how many filter options you apply on a Holiday website search engine, you still get presented with dozens of options that are all a little bit vague on the important details. Exactly what should you be researching to ensure you book the right beach holiday for you?

The two most important factors for a successful beach holiday are the beach itself and, of course, the weather. Punch your potential holiday destination and ‘climate’ into Google and take a look at a couple of the results to compare. You need to look at temperature (daily averages), sunlight hours, and average monthly rainfall. If you’re not too sure how to interpret these numbers take a look at the same figures for the area where you live or a holiday destination you have visited before. This gives you a basis you can easily relate to.

Make sure your research is specific to the exact area of your hotel/beach. If you’re looking at average weather stats for a whole island you’re not getting the most accurate picture. When you consider the difference between living in Kent or living in some parts of Scotland you can understand how national averages don’t necessarily give the best impression. Some coastal areas are windier than others depending on land formations, while northern areas can be quite different to southern areas. So when you check the weather stats try to be as specific as possible.

Distance of hotel to beach
A lot of websites are very unhelpful when describing the beach and its proximity to your hotel. Some will say ‘nearby’ or ‘within easy distance’ which means very little. People have different ideas of how far they are happy to walk before it becomes a chore getting there. Other people are happy to ride a bus for 10 minutes each way getting there and back. If the website doesn’t give you an actual measurement, try to find the hotel and beach on a map that shows a scale.

If it’s not a distance you’re happy walking every day, you’ll need to find out about bus routes and costs. Again, I find holiday websites can be surprisingly tight-lipped about this but it can be an important part of making a successful holiday. If buses only run once or twice in a morning or afternoon, you probably don’t want to be quite so restricted. Similarly, forking out 4 pounds each way for you and your partner to get there every day might be something you need to budget for in advance.

Type of beach
Is it a golden sandy beach, black sand, shingle or pebble beach? The type of beach is quite a crucial factor but, again, something often they regularly neglect to tell you about on holiday websites (I don’t like them, you might have gathered). Some research, especially in Google Images, should help you here. Other people’s holiday snaps can be great for giving you a good idea of what the beach is like- I nice view also makes the world of difference. A description of the sea might also be helpful.

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