Expert Tips To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Know The Reason He Fell Out Of Love With You

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, it can leave you pretty confused. Everything seemed alright and then your ex boyfriend said he didn’t love you anymore. He said he still liked you a lot and would like to be friends. What confuses you the most is why he fell out of love with you. How can you just be friends? Here are expert tips to get your ex boyfriend back.

Actually, your ex boyfriend has given you a very good opportunity by wanting to remain friends. Most women have an overwhelming urge to stay close to their ex after a breakup. This urge causes them to run after him crying and begging, only to be rejected. By remaining friends with him, you can stay close to your ex boyfriend without being rejected.

You will have to be careful not to take advantage of the situation, by calling too much or acting romantic. Let him make most of the contact and do most of the talking when he does. Listen for anything he says that might let you know why he fell out of love with you, but never ask him.

If you do some thinking, you will be able to come up with some reasons yourself. You thought everything was going well and that might have made you want more. You might have become too anxious for your ex boyfriend to take the next step. That might have made you become pushy and even nagging. This might have lead him to feel unappreciated.

Your ex boyfriend becomes confused, he doesn’t want to be dumped, but the way you are acting makes him wary. He tells you that he no longer loves you but wants to be your friend. You are both wanting the same thing, but you are both afraid of being dumped. In a case like this, the expert tip is to accept his offer to remain friends.

You should go out with your friends and show him you are not going to just sit around and wait for his calls. When he does call take every opportunity to compliment him and show you have a high regard for him. By not constantly staying in contact with him, you are showing that you want him to have his freedom.

Soon your ex will see that he misses being with you and sharing more of your life. He also knows that you won’t wait around forever. Going out with your friends has made him aware of that. Take your time and he will see that he wants more than just being friends too and he will tell you he loves you again.

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