For Women Over 50 – How Finding a Passion Can Reveal Your Sensual Side and Be a Return to Love

The kids had moved out and Betty was slowly sinking into a lonely abyss. She felt herself without motive and reason to pull herself out of this fog. Worse, her husband was busy with work and growing distant. She was still his wife, but the desire was gone.

Aware of the drowning pool of aging and loneliness that so often overwhelms women over 50, she just couldn’t get motivated to pull herself out of this hole.

In Betty’s situation, what could possibly help her?

Then she found her solution:

While shopping, she bought herself a new coffee cup, a colorful one. The design looked like little mosaic tiles in delightful colors spattered on the plate and cup. Who knew this coffee cup would help Betty find love again.

Well, she had to do something to compensate for switching from caffeine to decaffeinated. And her new special coffee service, the colorful one, made her coffee-time enjoyable. There was something cheerful about the bright colors on the cup.

All it took was a simple idea to Catapult Lonely Betty into a Life of Passion!

After many days of decaffeinated coffee, Betty moved into action. Motivated by the beautiful colors sprinkled with abandon on her new coffee cup…She had a simple idea which became a grand idea!

*Betty quickly cleared out one of the children’s bedrooms, covered the carpet with plastic, made a desk out of 2 sawhorses as a base, and with a door from the local hardware store placed on top. This would be her working surface.

*She bought paper of all colors and patterns, special scissors that could cut all kinds of shapes, small containers of glue and then she went to work!

*Betty’s dedication was like an elixir. She couldn’t get enough! And never felt better. She went to bed planning her day ahead. She woke up excited to dive into her new projects.

NOW Betty has small ‘showings’ of her work at the local coffee shop and book-store. Not only does she sell some of her art, but she’s also been invited to talk about her journey at local women’s group meetings. Her passion for her art and love for color is contagious. She’s inspired others to search for a passion of their own.

AND she’s involved in charity work, rubbing elbows with other artists. They donate their work to hospitals, elder-care homes and she talks about color at the public grade school. Her love of color has surely colored her own life!

Betty feels beautiful and is beautiful, with a confident glow about her. She dresses differently, and wears lipstick and mascara daily…even when she’s working. Her ideas, projects, friendships and confidence are like fuel, supplying endless energy.

How did Betty’s transformation happen?

The color… wonderful colors are like vitamins.
Focusing on procedure…not thinking of personal problems.
Designating a purpose…feeling in control.
Reveling in the outcome…appreciation of what you can do.
Making new friends / community…not feeling alone.
Pride in accomplishment…self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect.

And the relationship between Betty and her husband has never been better. They even manage to sneak in some ‘afternoon delight’ when he pops home and finds her working on her art.

Now, Betty’s LOVES her husband again, LOVES her life and LOVES herself.

Looking back, we see that Betty’s solution was within. Perhaps it was timing and the flicker of an idea. Then she took charge and put everything into action. Now, her life has changed and she’s the sexual, sensual person of her past…only better.


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