Gimball & Military Compass: Pocket Friendly Nautical Decor Item

We entertain our guests in many ways. Decorating the drawing room comes at the top priority. If this decoration is involving and interesting, nothing is like it. Since last couple of years, I am seeing the compass being used as decor item in drawing room. One of my friends, who is an interior designer by profession, says, “Using compass as decor item is the themed craze. Its capability to involve the visitors of all ages makes it favorite to most of decor enthusiasts. Home decor stores offer wide range of compass like military, Brunton Style, Gimball and Dalvery Style compasses but Gimball and military compass are liked more. The magnetic compass is as useful even today as it used to be century back. However, it has changed its look with the passage of time. Gimbaled Compass for home decor purpose is made of premium grade brass. It is designed with artistically crafted elevated base stand. To carry on, it can be dismantled into base, upper body and middle. It is a 5 inch tall and 3 1/2 inch in round decor item. It is a unique nautical decor to be used on shelves or tables. Its white base dial is marked in black color; the combination of golden brass, white and black makes it anytime perfect tableware gift for anyone. 4 inch sized Master Gimball compass is another popular model of this category; it comes beautifully packed in square wooden. If you want to use compass as versatile decor item of great interest, Military Compass would be the better choice. Its historical importance makes it collectable for every maritime collector. This compact 3 inch unit comes in beautifully crafted sparkling brass casing. A loop facilitates the users to attach it with backpack or keychain. It is a perfect and must to carry companion for adventure tourists. Its crystal clear mirror, precisely calibrated black dial and fine shaped pointers makes it favorite to all. Everyone enjoys its possession and feel in hand. If you are fond of antique decor, Antique Military compass may be good option. Its solid brass casing is polished in gray-black to add antique flavor. Green pointer over the black dial makes it affordable home accent. Compasses are designed for rough use in different environmental conditions, so buying the one is lifelong investment for the decor item with high utility potential. Having a military or Gimball compass is the most affordable way to match for nautical decor passion.

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