Handicrafts of Kerala: A Cultural Representation of God’s Own Country

Kerala, the Gods own country is the land of scenic blend which enthralls tourists who come here from several parts of the globe. With the natural splendor this beautiful state is also famous for it vibrant culture and rich tradition of handicrafts. Kerela handicrafts have class of its own and showcase the rich cultural identity of this mesmerizing destination. Handicrafts are the creative products made by the skill of the hand without the help of modern machinery and equipments. The artisans of Kerala have traditional expertise in carving in metal and wood (rosewood and sandalwood), granite statues, figures and paintings of elephants, coconut shell, coir products, colorful wall hangings, bags and snake boat model. One of the most admirable handicrafts is the wooden face of a Kathakali dancer.

Some of the popular Handicrafts in Kerala are:

Coir and Cane Products: Kerala is renowned for its coir and cane products. Coir mattresses, painting decorated mats and floor furnishings are famous coir products that are made in Kerala. Kollam and Calicut are known spots for buying coir products.

Ivory Products: Ivory work is an important handicraft of Kerala which is known worldwide for its delicate crafting over animal teeth especially elephant tusk. Ivory carving can be best seen in the form of mythological figures. This handicraft have been important since ancient times which are used for making a wide  range of items like false teeth, fans, piano keys and billiard balls.

Wood Craving: Woodcraft of Kerala is among the most famous Arts and Crafts in Kerala whose skills are passed from generation to generation. This craft derives its inspiration from the Hindu mythology which can best seen on the temples. Paperweights, lamps, book ends and other decorative items are some of the example of wood carvings. Sandalwood products of Kerala are also famous. Some of the popular sandalwood carvings are decorated boxes, ashtrays, candle stands, toys and Kathakali dance postures.

Lacquer Ware: This is among the popular Handicrafts of Kerala where tourists can find fascinating lacquer products. It is the crafting in which craftsmen perfectly combine the metal and wood. A wide variety of lacquer products are churned out in Kerala especially in Ernakulam district.

Handicraft items can be the best gift for occasions and can best describe a sense of emotion, feelings and can create lifetime memories. Because of these tourists who come here from several parts of the globe buy handicrafts as souvenir of their Kerala tour.

Kerala Handicrafts is a mirror of the cultural identity of the ethnic people who make it through the ages. Ivory Products, Lacquer Ware, Metal ware, Textiles, Coir and Cane Products are famousaspects of Kerala Culture.

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