Hawaii Got Spammed And They Loved It

When you usually think about Hawaiian cuisine you would usually thing about the good ol Pig being cooked on an open fire on a beach outside yours and many others Hawaii rentals but that couldn’t be further from the truth

You could say that Hawaiian cuisine is a mixture of many other cuisines around the world or at least. Here you are guaranteed to see food that has come from such places like American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese origins. If you were to go to local restaurant you would see a menu that is filled with a lot of stuff and most restaurant have the same items with slight changes or variations to make their menu’s seem more appealing.

The Pig Imagery is partially right but it isn’t cooked on an open fire, its usually cooked in an underground oven (also known as imu). It is called Kalua which literary means to cook underground. Yes this is usually cooked at Luau feasts but not in the over exaggerated way
In the past they used volcanic rocks placed in a hole that was lined with Banana leaves to protect the food from burning on contact and to preserve heat . They would put a Salted Pig which is also wrapped in Banana leaves in the hole and then cover with burlap and soil, then they would leave it for the rest of the day. When it is ready they would take it out of the imu and serve the pig.

Nowadays thanks to modern technology there is rarely any use for imu pits although it is still used just for the attraction of tourists who have never experienced a real luau. Also you have to add to the fact that the United States Department of Agriculture have standards that prevent Kalua Pigs from being sold commercially. Also nowadays rather than it being a normal full pig, it is now just a pork shoulder butt.

One of the most surprising thing you might not know about Hawaii is that Spam is a popular meat product. It is loved so much over there that some call it the Hawaiian Steak. Its so popular that McDonalds added it to their menu and a few years later Burger King followed suit just to compete with their rivals. The only country that eats more Spam than Hawaii is Guam. One of the most popular dishes in Hawaii is Spam Musubi, which is a snack and lunch type of food that is made out of tradition Japanese onigiri. The Spam Musubi is when a block of rice with a slice of grilled Spam on top and is wrapped by Nori (known as seaweed) to keep it tight and together. If you’re wondering why this canned meat is so popular tinned meat product it is because it was a primary element in in getting protein for the people around the world war II especially as fishing was prohibited.

Hawaii has many other exotic dishes that will be of interest to people but as you can see some are more exotic than others.

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