Hawaiian Tiki Statues: Why Do We Love Them So?

There is something about gazing at an Hawaiian Tiki statue that warms the heart and brings a smile to the face. While most tiki statues are anything but handsome there is just something compelling about them that makes us want to have one of our own to display in our yard or garden or even in our home. But, how much do you really know about Hawaiian Tiki statues? Here is a little history about these statues and some reasons why we love them so.

Where Do They Come From

Originally Tiki Statues came from Polynesia and Hawaii. These statues were depictions of Polynesian gods carved from wood or stone, with wood being the most popular medium. Almost all of the statues of these gods have huge eyes, wide mouths formed into a grimace and hands folded across their stomachs. Originally Hawaiian and other Tiki statues were used in Polynesian religious ceremonies and were believed to bring good luck.

When Europeans began traveling to Hawaii and Polynesia, they were drawn to these Tiki statues, finding them quaint and more than a little appealing. Bringing home one of these statues from a trip became popular. Once Hawaii became part of the United States and more Americans began traveling there, Hawaiian Tiki statues became extremely popular, especially in California where during the late 60s and early 70s people found themselves decorating their homes with Hawaiian tiki statues.

Today the popularity of these statutes as home decorations have died down somewhat, but the statues themselves remain highly popular and are used as yard decorations especially in homes featuring a tiki bar.

Hawaiian tiki statues come in a variety of sizes from ones small enough to be used in necklaces and bracelets, to small statues for desks and growing to huge statues that sit at the entryway or driveways of estates. The compelling wide eyed features of these statues make them loved by one and all and they make wonderful conversation pieces.

Today, all over the United States parties are formed around these little gods as people have all kind of themed Hawiian parties at which a Tiki statue is the centerpiece. Guests are encouraged to wear Hawaiian style clothing and Polynesian food and drinks are served while people lounge around a tiki bar or in the pool having a great time. There just seems to be something about these statues that encourage people to smile and laugh and have a good time. While they may not bring luck to most people they certainly seem to bring about a great mood and a desire to have a great time.

Today, thanks to specialty stores and the internet you no longer have to be able to afford a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands in order to have one of these wonderful statues of your own. You can simply shop for one and have it delivered right to your door. But Beware! If you purchase one you just may find that you have more to smile about that you ever imagined you would.

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