How To Create A Country Themed Bedroom Using Plaid

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Spring cleaning has taken over our homes.  Along with spring cleaning comes fresh new home decor. The winter decor has been neatly put away in the closet for next year.  Homes have been redecorated with freshly bright colors and designs.  With so many styles today, which one is best for the bedroom? Believe it or not, plaid duvet covers have become one of the favorite bedding pieces for this spring.  Something about it makes many of us think of the country.  If you live in the big city and want to bring back a touch of the country to your home, then plaid duvet bedding is your best choice. We picture the country life with bright sunny skies, freshly cut lawns and beautiful gardens.  Green and yellow plaid duvet covers represents the same thing.  These two colors are the most popular plaid colors in duvet bedding today.  The green reminds us of nature. The trees and flowers.  The yellow represents the bright yellow sun. 

The best decor to use with this type of duvet cover is fresh flowers and hanging plants by the bed.  Flowers always brighten up any bedroom and reminds of us the beautiful flowers of the country gardens. Place some of the flowers in a wooden baskets for a more beautiful effect.  Pull back cotton curtains with ties.  You can either match the curtain with the same pattern as the bedding and place a solid color valance over the curtain or just use a solid color curtain with matching valance. You do not have to necessarily go with yellow or green this spring .  Any color would look fine.  Use woven or braided rugs on the floor for a more homey feeling. Finish the walls off with coordinating pastel colors to complete the new spring plaid look,

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Linda is the vice president and co-founder of Multi Shop Stop. Always had a gift for redecorating ever since she was a young girl. The gift was passed on from her grandmother and mom who all had talent for making there house look like a picture from a magazine. Linda always had many ideas on how to remodel a room. She decided to make use of her skills and decided to open a online store and sell duvet cover sets and more.

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