How to Create a Perfect Princess Costume Party

Why not celebrate your little girl’s birthday in style with a princess costume tea party? Send out invitations on pretend parchment scrolls proclaiming that a Royal Tea will be held in the honour of Princess (add child’s name) at her castle (add address). Request that guests come suitably attired in princess costumes. Any little boys invited can dress up in Prince Charming outfits. You, the parents, can dress up as king and queen.

Keep the young guests amused when they arrive by providing them with ready cut-out crowns to decorate, which they can then wear with their princess costumes. Crowns can be made of strong gold or silver card and you can supply glitter, glue, shiny buttons, plastic beads and other decorative items. This will keep the children amused for a while and you can offer a prize for the best decorated crown.

A variation on the traditional “pin the tail on the donkey” game (and which is sure to be popular with your princesses) is “put the princess in her castle”. Make or buy a poster of a fairytale castle and fix it to a wall. Make sure a window is clearly visible in the castle and mark it with an “X”. Draw and cut out several cardboard figures in princess costume – one for each child (use pictures from magazines or from the internet, if your drawing skills are not up to scratch) and place a small piece of “Blu-tack” on the back of each one. Making sure each child has her eyes tightly closed, get her to place Cinderella in her castle. The one whose Cinderella is closest to the “X” is the winner and receives a prize.

The royal tea has to be fit for a princess and of greatest importance is the birthday cake. Many specialist confectioners will supply cakes in the shape of a fairytale castle, with designs as elaborate as you could want. There are also many good cake decorating books which give step-by-step instructions for you to create your own castle cake. Other suitable princess foods are cupcakes decorated with edible silver and gold balls, frosted grapes (they look like jewels!), strawberries, jellies, ice cream and dainty sandwiches.

After tea, calm your guests down by reading them a story with, of course, a princess theme, such as “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” or “the Princess and the Pea”. Take the opportunity, while all the children are sitting still, to take photographs of them all in their princess costumes.

Before your young princesses depart, remember to give them a going home present. It is a nice idea to have a lucky dip, so that each child can enhance her princess costume with “precious” jewels. Prior to the party, you will need to have amassed a small collection of cheap plastic necklaces, rings and bracelets (look in toy shops, thrift stores or charity shops) and wrap them up in pretty paper. Put the parcels in a bucket and conceal with shredded paper and get each child to choose a parcel. This will be a great finale to a wonderful party.

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