How to Create Gorgeous Royal Purple Wedding Flowers

The color purple was a perfect match with the silk lavender lilacs that I purchased for the bouquets.

These flowers are very simple to grow. You need to have a few months to go before the wedding, and spot in the sun where you can grow up to 30 plants. If you have a bit of a green thumb this is definitely the way to go, because it can be a very full filling project, and a lot cheaper than getting a florist to do the wedding flowers

They can be quite easily planted in small pots and decorated for the reception tables. For my daughter’s wedding we planted them in small metal pails and then tied a purple ribbon around the pail for and nice accent. They look stunning on white table cloths.

In order to get the petunias ready for the wedding in July, I had to purchase them in early spring, when all of the gardening plants were in season at the plant shops. I found that the plants you get from reputable plant nurseries do best.

Petunias come in many shades, from pinks to a color I like to call Royal Purple. They are absolutely stunning when planted close together in groups of three or so. I used 4″ small aluminum pails form the craft store.

I needed 30 of them because we had 25 quest tables and I wanted a few spare to put on the head table. I planted about 3 plants per pail. So I bought several flats of petunias. I found that the Royal Purple petunias grew the best when I cut off the dead blooms every third day or so. It stimulates them to produce more blooms. One can also cut the odd out of place branch to achieve a more desired look.

Just cut the dead blooms off at the stem. Don’t just pull the dead blooms off. If one just pulls the dead blooms off, the potential seed pod stays behind.

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