How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Proven And Easy Steps That Pull Him Back Fast

You thought everything was fine with your relationship and then he walked in and said he needed a break. Now all you can think of is how to get your ex boyfriend back. Perhaps you have already tried and been met with more pain and rejection. If that is the case, you need a new approach. Learn these proven and easy steps that pull him back fast.

When you were a couple, he wanted to be near you and hear you say you loved him. But now, when you try to stay close to him and tell him how much you love him, he pulls away. He won’t talk to you or answer your emails and text messages. That is what is so confusing to a woman after a breakup. They do not know how to make him react.

You feel you should stay close to him so he will not find someone else. But, if you push him enough, you will push into someone else’s arms. How to get your ex boyfriend back, is just the opposite of what you are doing. You need to put as much distance between you as possible and make him think you do not want him anymore. That might sound strange to you, but men respond to a challenge. Staying in his face does not give him much of a challenge.

Start this very minute and make a vow to not have any contact with your ex for a few weeks. You will be afraid to do this because you think you will lose him. But men’s minds work differently from women. When you stop trying to get him back, first he will wonder where you went and then he will think you don’t want him anymore. Every day you keep from having contact with him, will be pulling him back.

Soon he will realize that he misses you, and that he is still in love with you. Memories of the good times you had together will come flooding back to him. When this happens, he will begin kicking himself for ever being so stupid as to breakup with such a wonderful woman. He will begin to wish he could go back and change things and wonder if it is too late. This will lead him to realize that you might already have another guy.

The thought of you in the arms of someone else will drive him wild. A man cannot stand to be rejected, and thinking of you with someone else will make him feel cast aside. That might sound crazy since he is the one that broke up with you, but that is the way men think. When he reaches this point, desperation will set in and he will be pulled back to you fast.


Don’t be too anxious to take your ex back. He needs to beg and crawl in order to make him love you like never before.You need proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him. What you should and shouldn’t do can be found at this Helpful Site .

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