How to Guarantee Your Success in Business

Every normal person wants success in life. Many women want success as wives, mothers, friends, teachers, or providers. Men often want success as fathers, husbands, friends, athletes, coaches, or providers. Financial success helps us do better in every one of these areas. It’s easier to be a good mother, father, spouse, friend, or teacher when we’re not constantly worrying about how we’ll get the money for our family’s next meal.

Countless ways to succeed exist today in a gazillion different businesses or professions. However, certain principles of success never change.

Let me ask you a question. If you wanted to become a top singer, actor, golfer, or outstanding cook, where would you turn for help? Would you ask some stay-at-home neighbor? A brother or sister who has no interest in any of these professions? Of course not. You’d seek out a person with proven ability in your chosen field-proven success.

Most of us like to think of ourselves as being unique. One-of-a-kind. And we are. We enjoy doing things our own way. But–at least at the beginning–couldn’t you increase your chances for success by modeling someone who’s already successful in that area? Would it make sense to learn what your role model has done then and try to duplicate it? The apprentice system has worked extremely well for centuries. Master craftsmen in many fields-woodworkers, painters, builders, doctors, and more were taught this way.

Early in my medical career, I was fortunate enough to train at outstanding hospitals in Philadelphia and New York. I sought out institutions where the absolute best surgeons worked–in my chosen specialties. Why? I was taught early in life that to be outstanding at any job required investing the necessary time and energy to learn that job inside and out. And who better to learn from than a person who’s already outstanding? I recall one famous surgeon advising us residents: “For your first 100 operations, perform this procedure exactly as I do it. After that, you’ll know what changes you can safely make, should you ever need to.” I have learned to apply the same principle to my business.

Why do you suppose THE APPRENTICE has been so successful on TV? Because aspiring businessmen and businesswomen struggle to watch Donald Trump up close. He’s their Icon of business success. They want to learn everything he does and how and why he does it. To approach his level of success, they intend to copy his methods as closely as possible–even though most of the applicants appear plenty capable already.

Hmmm. What does all this suggest to you? Is there a success principle lurking someplace in here? There certainly is. Associate with successful people and then copy what they do. It’s a marvelous way to learn.

Charles Smithdeal MD is known by many friends and students as “DrCheckItOut.” Currently working as a top business coach, he has a proven track record of success in many fields. He’s also known for thoroughly investigating several top business opportunities before endorsing one. Check him out for yourself with your favorite search engine. Or visit his blog at:

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