How To Make Him Love You Again – Tips For Women Who Think Their Man May Be Pulling Away

When it comes to relationships, many women have their little fears that they try hard to keep to themselves. One of which, just happens to be that undying fear that one day, your man might pick up and leave, and you will end up feeling crushed, conflicted, and confused. If you get the sense that he may be pulling away from you, then you want to listen to that instinct, that gut feeling.

Men are known for closing off to a woman even when they have no intentions at all of leaving the relationship, and you want to be sure that he is not having thoughts about leaving you. You don’t want to end up as one of those women that gets dumped and then looks back and sees that all of the signs were there and you just did not want to see them, do you?

Here are some tips for women on how to make him love you again if you think that he might be pulling away from you:

1. Do not panic about the situation and make it obvious that you are afraid he may leave you.

When we panic, we tend to make the worst decisions that we can possibly make. And we also tend to make things worse than they seem, blowing things way out of proportion. If you let him see this in you, or there is a vibe in the air that this is how you are feeling, more likely than not he will just keep on pulling away from you. And you do not want him to do that.

2. Do not close yourself off to only him.

While I am not suggesting that you look outside the relationship yourself, you also don’t want to close yourself off and think that he is the only possible guy out there for you. There are plenty of other guys out there, so you should not be so consumed with just one guy that your whole world starts to revolve around him. That will just make the situation even more dramatic than it has to be.

3. Learn what he REALLY wants and what he really responds to.

It’s not easy for men and women to see eye to eye in a relationship, especially not all of the time. And as a woman, it can be hard to decipher what it is that guys really want and what they respond to. Luckily, you can find a way, and you can figure him out, so that you know what you really need to be doing to make sure that he does not stray from you at all.

If you are struggling with trying to make him stay with YOU, then you need to really know what works and what does not.Check this out: Why He Won’t Commit.Copyright (c) 2010 Alexandra Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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