How to Reward Yourself With Success

Some of the most miserable people I know are extremely successful. It seems that no matter how much success they have, how much money they make and how many material things they buy, they just can’t seem to bring any joy into their lives. As the saying goes, money can buy many things, but unfortunately, happiness isn’t one of them.

Happiness is something that only you can control. It isn’t a tangible thing that you can put on your credit card and pay off later. It is a state of mind that takes practice and believe it or not, work. It is much easier to be unhappy and miserable, than to work at being happy each and every day. This is a trap that many successful people fall into. They just can’t seem to enjoy the moment, because they are always looking to the future. Their blessing is also their curse.

What is the point of being successful if you can’t even enjoy how far you have come and the sense of satisfaction that goes along with it? Instead of reaching a goal and instantly moving onto the next one, you should allow yourself to feel joy and happiness for your accomplishments.

Life isn’t about how big your bank account is or how many trophies you can place on your mantle. Life is about filling each day with happiness and becoming satisfied with who you are. If you can’t enjoy your success, then you need to ask yourself why you even bother at all. The answer to this question can change your life dramatically.

The next time you reach a goal, be it a big or small one, don’t be afraid to celebrate and reward yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy yourself something, or go out to dinner. It simply means that you acknowledge to yourself that you are pleased with your accomplishment. You will find that as your practice this behavior more often, that it is a much more rewarding experience than the alternative of unhappiness and misery.

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