Improve Your Indoor Volleyball Game by Going Outside – Play Beach Volleyball

“People think we have coasted the last four years. We fought, we had a lot of battles. … We’ve always had to battle.” –Kerri Walsh, Olympic Gold Medalist

If you want to improve your indoor volleyball game, play beach volleyball. It makes you dig, set or hit during every volley. And, with just two players, you get a tremendous number of repetitions which will make you a much better player.

The reason why you will improve, greatly, is that you will have to do two of the key elements of volleyball – dig, set or spike – every time the volleyball is on your side of the court. This means if you are a setter, you will become a better spiker and digger, and if you are a middle blocker you will become better at setting and passing the volleyball.

It has been said, that for every 1,000 repetitions of a volleyball skill, you get 3% better.

Here is a list of volleyball tips for your beach volleyball (or 2 man grass volleyball) practice:

* Only put the ball over on two if: (a) there is no other choice, (b) your partner cannot get up in time to hit and tells you to put the ball over, (c) there is a big opening, or (d) the first pass is right on the net and you can hit.
* Don’t sway while waiting for the serve.
* The hitter gets the sand off the ball during warm-up spikes.
* Play deep and think short.
* Verbally communicate all the time (i.e. “I’ve got middle,” “nice set,” “one more point and switch”).
* Get low on defense.
* Don’t miss two serves in a row.
* Scout other teams and serve to the one who can’t hit or can’t pass.
* Check the wind. If you have a choice, take the wind in your face rather than the serve.
* Land on two feet after a spike.
* Be sure all the players are ready before a serve.
* You get two one-minute time outs. Use them when you’re five points behind or the other team is catching up.
* Check the court for rocks, glass, and shells before the game.
* Error long instead of short on serves.
* Use a variety of serves (i.e. sky ball, hard overhand, float, jump).
* Keep your passes and sets lower in windy conditions.
* Good luck in the upcoming beach season!!!

If you play beach volleyball or on the grass two-man volleyball, you will become a better player!

And remember, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

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