Jewelry Box Organizing Tips

There is nothing you want more for your jewelries than to have them safely kept and protected from damage or loss. That is why organizing your jewelry box is such an important task. Although the task may take some of your precious hours, it is always worth it since it will ensure that your costly possessions are always safe and secure. It can also give you easy access to your jewelries when you need them.

Not all jewelry boxes look the same. Some may have two or three compartments while others have more. Get yourself familiar with the boxes you have to avoid confusion in the future. Typically, the larger compartments of the box are reserved for larger jewelry pieces such as necklaces while smaller compartments are for smaller ones.

Prioritize the jewelry type that you have most and put them in the main segment of your box. If you have a large collection of necklaces for instance, allocate a large space to put them in. Doing this will make the organizing easier for you. Proceed to arranging the remaining pieces next only after you are done with the main jewelries.

Jewelries that you put on often should be placed in a compartment of the jewelry box where you can access them with ease. Either place them on the topmost drawer of your drawer-type jewelry box or in the front most section of a compartment-type one. On the other hand, allocate a different space for jewelries you only wear on special occasions, probably at the farthest portion of the box.

When storing fragile jewelry pieces, make sure you place them inside a tiny pouch first. Avoid mixing these pieces with other items. Since they are delicate, they might easily get scratched and damaged when you’re attempting to retrieve other pieces. In the same manner, make sure all earrings are paired before storing them. 

The purpose of organizing your jewelry box is for you to save time and effort when choosing what type of jewelry to wear. In case you are not satisfied with a setup you have come up with, choose one that will work to your advantage.

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