Kids Birthday Party Invitations That Will Guarantee A Full House!

Another year, another birthday, it’s wonderful, how fast they grow. With every passing year comes a new challenge, a new party. How do you top last year’s birthday party with the one you are planning this year? It all starts with the birthday party invitations.

How about you put your kid in the spotlight, a week before the actual party? Hire a singing telegram service and give them the address to your child’s school. Make sure you’ve taken permission from the authorities at school. Craft a nice little number, and the singing telegram will add the music. With some song, dance and rhyme these show stoppers will invite all the children to your kid’s birthday party the following week.

A small puzzle to tickle the brain cells can be exciting. It’s easy too, and does not need to be intricate. Get your invitations printed on hard card paper and mount them on card board. Cut it into pieces and put them in a fancy envelope. And simply title it ‘Piece the puzzle together to unlock the address to an exciting party’. The invitation works best, if the theme of your party is hooked on adventure.

Line drawings on a sheet of paper with a set of crayons can do wonders. Print the invitation on the reverse of the sheet. Put the crayons and paper in an envelope. Simply title it ‘Colour your way to a colourful party’. The best painting wins an exciting prize.

Kids really don’t enjoy an empty box of chocolates, but they do thrive on anticipation, if you can build up a desire, they will follow the lead to your party. Wrap up an empty box of chocolates along with the invitation card inside. Title the card on top – ‘Sweet nothings will lead you to a sweet party’. The card inside could say ‘Follow the address to fill up your empty box’. Sweet kid’s birthday party invitations are sure to work.

Give in to their need for speed; kids enjoy anything that is small, fast and bright. Toy sports cars are available a dime a dozen at any toy shop. Get your hands on a truck load of mini toy sports cars. Put them into a small box. Hand them around with the invitation. Title the card – ‘Fuel your need for speed ‘. The theme for the birthday party can be Formula one or fast cars.

Magic makes the world go round, and is an idea that never fails. A magic wand is a fantastic idea for a kid’s birthday party invitations. Take a few sticks about 8 – 10 inches long…cover them in black paint and dust them with some sparkle. Roll your invitation card around the wand.  Title the card – ‘Lo and behold the magic!’ The invitation fits in when your theme revolves around magic and mystery.

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