Leave Honesty and Integrity At The Door

The strongest pre-condition for joining the Bush Administration would appear to be
having to place one’s honesty and integrity in a blind trust. Attorney General Alberto “Fredo” Gonzales all but confessed to this when he recently appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and said he came into office with his integrity and planned to leave with it still in tact. You’ll notice he made no claim of having it as he lied, I mean testified. The Encarta World English Dictionary describes integrity as

1) the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards;

2) the state of being complete or undivided and finally

3) the state of being sound or undamaged. You be the judge as to whether Fredo Gonzales fits any one of those descriptions.

Adding further proof to the assertion that Gonzales has been less than forthcoming was his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, where he gave a variation on the “I can’t recall” theme. He needs to be pimp slapped into telling the truth. His outright lies are infuriating. If there is any justice left anywhere in America, he will be brought up and convicted on perjury charges. Not to worry though, I’m sure his pardon is already in the bag. Mr. Gonzales after all, was the one who saw to it that Dubya avoided Jury duty in Texas, where he would have had to admit to being charged with driving while under the influence. Not much has changed for Gonzales or the President whom he is still Red Crossing for. Gonzales is still serving as the President’s sandbag. That is why he hasn’t been fired yet.

Mr. Bush is obviously still under the influence of something. Perhaps it’s insanity. When asked by Rep. Wexler (D-Fl) who placed U.S. Attorney David Ingeslias’ (New Mexico) name on the list of those to be fired, Fredo denied every name mentioned, which only left the ghosts. How anyone can even loosely call Alberto Gonzales professional is beyond me. He needs a complete physical and psychiatric work-up. With his memory being as bad as it is, he might well be in the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Somebody get that man some help. The fact that he is still in his job is further proof that he has passed the Bush litmus test. Fredo lies at the drop of a hat and is loyal beyond belief. When questioned about the efficacy of former U.S. Attorney from Los Angeles Debra Wong Yang leaving the Prosecutor’s office in the middle of preparing a case against Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis (CA) to join his defense team, where she received a 1.5 million dollar signing bonus, Mr. Gonzales said he saw nothing wrong with that.

Instead of restoring faith in the Justice Department by firing Mr. Gonzales, as he should, the President is likely to give him a Presidential Medal of Freedom. We must never forget that in the Bush Administration no act of incompetence goes unrewarded. Fredo enjoys the complete backing of the White House no matter how much of an embarrassment he becomes. The only thing that might prove successful in removing some of Mr. Gonzales’ smugness and swagger is a perjury conviction. Both houses of Congress have enough ammunition to proceed with a prosecution. What are they waiting for?

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Cedric McClester is an award winning journalist who has written for local, national and international publications. He has a Masters of Science Degree in Education from New York’s Fordham University. The Boston born journalist is married and resides in New York. Mr. McClester is the author of the leading selling book on the topic of Kwanzaa, the African-American cultural holiday. His themed effort is a childrens book entitled: The Legend of Nia Umoja, on the Gumbs and Thomas imprint.

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