Miami Heat Tickets – Why You Can’t Blame Lebron For Heading To South Beach

Sure, the press conference announcing LeBron James’ decision was a bit ridiculous. The way his free agency was being covered you would have thought it was a presidential election. Ironically enough, even President Obama expressed his opinion of the circus that was LBJ’s free agency. But even though many will never forgive him for leaving Cleveland, the cold reality is that it was just good business.

After seven seasons in the league, LeBron is no longer that young and he needs to be able to compete against Kobe’s Lakers and Dwight Howard’s Magic today, not tomorrow. Though one can still criticize him for the way he went about the decision, LeBron has reaffirmed his desire to win championships and proved in the process that he doesn’t need to be a team’s only superstar to be satisfied. Besides, once the ball tips in Miami this season, NBA fans – both for and against LeBron – will be glued to the action. LeBron may have just brought together a team that has the potential to go down as one of the greatest of all-time.

The other part of the equation is that he has constantly been compared to Michael Jordan, a comparison he invited by wearing number 23 in Cleveland. But no matter how much people want LeBron to be MJ, he’s not; the closest to Jordan in the league today is easily Kobe Bryant. With LeBron’s skill set and willingness to be the team’s main distributor, LBJ is much closer to Magic Johnson than anyone else. While Jordan required a couple solid pieces around him, a good defense and an offense that let him shoot the ball at will, that has never been where LeBron is at his best. Now with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as running mates, not to mention key role players like Mike Miller, LeBron has the type of team where his skills can flourish and sell plenty of Miami Heat tickets.

More so than anything else, professional sports today are about entertainment, which is perhaps the biggest lesson that LeBron learned from Jordan. Watch LeBron’s pre-game ritual, even on the road, and you will see that putting on a show is important to him. As a student of the game who knows quite a bit about basketball history, there had to be a temptation to create his own exciting team that could maybe even one day rival the Showtime Lakers. While Magic got to pass the ball to James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Cooper, it seems that LeBron got tired of passing to Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao. Even while he was winning in Cleveland, he never had the type of flashy and exciting squad that was more than just a good basketball team.

In terms of his legacy, heading to Miami was also the absolute right move and suggests the maturity of a superstar who recognizes that he needs other star players to win in the NBA. LeBron doubtless had images of not being able to beat Kobe and the Lakers until the Black Mamba finally starts to truly deteriorate, which may not be until LeBron is 30 years old. It seems that LeBron has waited long enough and he made the best business decision possible, placing him easily in the best position to win, which is the only way that he’ll ever be able to cement himself as one of the all-time greats. In the modern era of pro sports, placing yourself in the best position to win is all you can do and it’s difficult to argue with LeBron’s commitment to winning. After all, nobody blames Mark Teixeira for going to New York because he had the best chance to win a championship with the Yankees; it was just good business.

True, combining with a group of superstars probably will make it impossible for LeBron to ever reach the stratosphere of Jordan – something that was likely not possible anyway. It would have been nice for the city of Cleveland to hold onto their superstar and have him lead them to a bevy of championships, but it just didn’t seem like it was in the cards. As it turns out, LeBron gave Cleveland seven great years of basketball and made them relevant again. Now he has his own version of the Showtime Lakers, a team with seemingly unlimited upside. And no matter what people say about losing their love for LeBron, most NBA fans will be as glued to the Miami Heat this season as much as any team since Jordan’s Bulls. Mark it down.

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