Most Stylish Ways To Wear A Pocket Square

Most men that are into fashion and enjoy their clothing like to utilize accessories just as much as women do. They too have a great selection when it comes to accessorizing their attire. They can do so with jewelry, ties, pocket squares and other embellishments. When it comes to the pocket squares however it is undecided as to whether more men enjoy wearing the pocket squares as opposed to those who do not. Many men that shy away from the pocket squares mostly do so because they are not quite sure how to wear this particular accessory.

It must be remembered that the pocket squares did not really start out as a fashion statement or a clothing embellishment. They were considered a necessity, as a convenient place to carry a handkerchief. Many years ago it was normal for every man to have at least one or two starchy white handkerchiefs about them. As time evolved these handkerchiefs became known as pocket squares and started to gain in popularity. As a result they left the starch white look behind and he soon became available in many different materials and colors including designs.

The choice of using a pocket square is strictly personal. Many men feel that this suit is just not complete without utilizing a pocket square, and for these particular men they keep many styles and choices in their wardrobe.

Other men believe that the pocket square is not necessary for the business attire, but they do utilize them for more formal occasions. The fashion of the pocket squares has really evolved in that there are many different ways or folds that can be utilized in order to get a totally different look of the pocket square itself. For those that are new to pocket squares quite often they will simply crunch the square into their breast pocket and pop it up somewhat. There is a formal way of creating this popped look however. Then those that are deciding that they are going to start using the pocket squares would do well to educate themselves on the many different ways that they can be worn. This way they are going to look correct when they are used as part of the clothing embellishment. It is important that the pocket squares are done correctly, otherwise they really can become quite unattractive looking and take away from the look of a very impressive suit.

The other thing to remember is that there are a variety of materials that they come in and the materials should be appropriate with the weight of the suit itself just the same as the colors. It is important that the pocket square become coordinated along with the shirt and tie. Not doing so can end up being a real clash of colors specifically if the tie, shirt and suit are all in different color families.

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