Thailand’s Best Party Beaches

Thailand is the place to go if you enjoy lively holidays. It has some of the most visually striking beaches in Southeast Asia and a focus on nightlife. While it also comes with quieter, more laid back beaches, the majority of tourists that head for Thailand are here for the buzz.

Partying in Pattaya

While a little bit sleazy, Pattaya is the oldest party beach in Thailand. It is a couple of hours south of Bangkok by highway and has more hotels and bars per capita than anywhere else in Thailand. The actual beach in Pattaya is not as nice as beaches at other prominent beach resorts, yet it is busy and the main focal point by day.

At night, Pattaya really comes into its own. If you are into drinking, eating and women of the night, this is the place to come. Prices here are invariably cheaper than at other popular beach resorts and there are literally hundreds of bars to choose from, from standard hole-in-the-wall watering holes, to expat pubs, go gos, and all out discos.

The liveliest part is Walking Street in the south at the end of the beach. It is traffic-free at nighttime and is wall to wall bars and girls. Although it has a reputation for being a bit unruly, Pattaya’s bars are patrolled by tourist police and volunteers.

Lounging in Phuket

Thailand’s second-most favorite party beach is Patong, located way down in the southwest of Thailand on the western side of Phuket. The beach and atmosphere in Phuket are a definite one-up from Pattaya, yet prices for accommodation, food, beer and women are steeper. Phuket has totally recovered from the devastation wrought by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Patong Beach is a lot tidier than Pattaya Beach, plus it has some surf and a far prettier promenade. Soi Bangla, right behind the beach, is the main drinking area. It is literally steps from the sand and has every type of bar you could imagine. Head for the south side of the street for the cheaper, less in-yer-face bars and north for heavier action.

The gay area of Patong lies at the second street parallel to the beach amid the Paradise complex. Although virtually anything goes in Patong, it is on the whole a lot less sleazy than Pattaya, plus there are quality beaches to the north and south. In addition, and unlike Pattaya, Phuket has its own international airport with flights from Europe and all over Southeast Asia.

Getting Down in Samui

Thailand’s third most happening beach is Chaweng Beach on the island of Koh Samui. It lies in the Gulf of Thailand and also comes with an airport, yet flights here are a lot more expensive than getting to Phuket as one airline, Bangkok Airways, owns the airport and has the monopoly.

Chaweng Beach lies on the east coast of Samui, as it is more commonly known. It is the island’s largest beach and has the best spread of accommodation. Prices here are generally higher than at Patong and Pattaya, yet the beach is nicer and somewhat more exclusive. Everything is low-rise and restaurants open out onto the beach at night, while right behind the beach is a string of pumping bars.

Full Moon Fever in Phangnan

Another lively beach is that of Hat Rin on the island of Phangnan to the north of Samui. It gets crazy one night of the year, during the legendary Full Moon Party. Backpackers come from far and wide to drink and revel on the beach here although for the rest of the month it remains a lot quieter. Phangnan is a bit of a pain to get to as it doesn’t have an airport. It is accessed by ferry from Samui. is an independent guide to asia travel and one of the leading online travel guides to Asia, offering independent and in-depth information covering all of southeast-asia including thailand travel deals and information.

Social Studies Activities – History Pockets Book Review

One of the best sources for easy, hands-on social studies activities is the History Pockets series of books. These books provide many ideas for history activities without much planning or preparation for the teacher. Each title in the series is packed with projects, which are all meant to be photocopied for every student. Best of all, most of the completed projects are flat so they can be stored in the students’ History Notebooks. The series consists of several titles for Grades 1-3, and then more titles for Grades 4-6.

Each book concentrates on one historical theme, and that main topic is then divided into several specific areas, such as Daily Life, Government, Religion, etc. In each of these areas you will find several projects that will fit into a “Pocket” made from folded construction paper. The Pockets are then hole-punched and bound together with string or ribbon to create a Pocket Book.

It is also an option to simply pick out several of the suggested social studies activities without making any pockets. Since the projects are not bulky, students could easily store individual ones in their own History Notebooks. However, even if you make the Pocket Book as instructed, it could still be put in a notebook with the same punched holes that were meant for binding the book together.

To give you a general idea of what each History Pocket book includes, let’s take an in-depth look at the Ancient Greece book for Grades 4-6. The activities start with decorated Facts pages, a Map activity, and a Timeline that is ready to cut out and assemble. The Timeline guides the students with illustrations and captions to add information as they progress. You will also find writing activities, creative booklets to put together and decorate, and plenty of low-fuss crafts. In this book, the crafts include making a Hoplite Shield, an Alexander the Great banner, Mosaic (paper) tiles, a booklet of Olympian gods, Greek coins, and more. The instructions for Knucklebones tells you first how to make the game and then how to play it.

This book is about 100 pages long, and most of those pages are meant to be photocopied for student use, giving you lots of ideas to choose from. The Greek book has instructions for 9 separate Pockets with activities on a different theme of Ancient Greece, including Daily Life, Religion, Military Power, Art & Architecture, Government, Sports & Entertainment, and more.

If you are looking for social studies activities for your classroom, you will want to see all the ideas in the History Pockets books. Your students can be actively engaged in your historical topic by making these creative projects. The books give a wide selection of crafts and save the teacher from excessive preparation time. This is a resource you will want to add to your history lesson plans.

Carol Henderson maintains an eStore of Teacher Resource Books available as downloadable PDF files. She also has a separate website to provide History Resources for social studies teachers.

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Naturism on Barcelona Beaches

Nudism has been a growing popular phenomenon over the past few years. Many people have turned it into their lifestyle, others see a form of perversion in it and some people make a living out of it. Nowadays, you may find camping areas, swimming pools and even entire villages of nudists! Nevertheless, this nudism fashion seeks its place in our societies.

Germany is one country with a major nudist tradition whereas Spain has only allowed nudism for about 20 years. Before the 80’s, a law inherited from Franco would condemn behaviours that offended “decency, good habits and that would provoke scandals”.

Fortunately, over time nudism has become part of modern culture and has expanded to Spain. Barcelona is the perfect case study: lots of beaches in Barcelona are opened to nudists. You may even walk down the street naked if you feel like it, there’s a law protecting people’s nudity (although it is not so common to see naked people walk around).

Barcelona offers many incredible beaches for nudists, with lots of services available too: Red Cross watch, renting of hammocks, refreshment stall, toilets… you’ll find them near very reachable metro stations such as: Barceloneta, Ciutadella, Bogatell, Poblenou, Llacuna, Selva de Mar and El Maresme and Forum. It’s also the case of Sant Sebastiá’s beach, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant.

If you get out of the city, Sitges has a semi urban beach called Balmins that’s very popular among nudists. Another famous beach is Home Mort but it’s somewhat complicated to get there. Garraf offers the Dune Park Beach (in Castelldefels), where the nudist zone is closer to Gava; there’s also the small beach of Morisca.

For those who like the area near Maresme go to Masnou beach, there’s a pedestrian access; or try Musclara in Caldes d’Estac, also easy to reach and with a cleaning service. Other famous nudist beaches are Murtra (Sant Pol de Mar), Forti (Mataró) and Roca Grossa (Calella).

Want to try the nudist side of Barcelona? Come and get closer to Nature on one of these amazing beaches. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona and have a nude trip!

Diana Roig
Naturism is popular in Spain hence its inclusion in the Barcelona Culture. There are many naturist beaches, some official clubs and also some great places close to Barcelona. Discover the best Barcelona Apartments and enjoy your travel.

Knowing About Bellows Beach

Bellows Beach, located on eastern shore of Oahu Island, Hawaii, is the most beautiful and popular site for camping, surfing, swimming, sunbathing and family gatherings. The gorgeous white sand is incomparable. The white sand, aqua water and breathtaking views makes the island very beautiful and picturesque. Bellows is blessed with entail attractions and in the background you can view the enrapture scenes of Koolau Mountain Range.

There are two parts of the Bellows Beach, one is open only in weekends to the masses and general public from 7:00 AM- 8:00 PM and the other section is military-only part which remains open in weekdays only for military members.

In addition to the shallow waters perfect for beginner surfboarders and swimmers, there are two lifeguard stations (on weekends and during summer). There are plenty of other facilities which make the beach more comfortable to spend a day and even if you want to spend a night. To spend a night, all you have to do is to get the camping permit. There are plenty of picnic tables, shady areas, rest rooms, showers, reef area.

Cabins is the main attraction for military members and come with a couple of room, kitchenettes, table, chairs, a couch, refrigerator, cable TV, barbecue and housekeeping services, but it fills up quickly so book early. The reservations can be made up to one year (off season). Active duty AFS have the priority and for them reservations can be made 90 days in advance during the peak season.

Boogie Boarding is endearing of Bellows. Other attractions of Bellows include tennis courts, golf course, playgrounds, restaurants, driving ranges. Bellows Beach offers plethora of activities like horseback riding, bike tours, paintball sports, golf and many in water activities too. As mentioned, the beach is open for general public only in weekends, it can get crowded and fills up quickly so book early for your convenience. There are number of hotels priced to fit every budget and can make your vacation a memorable one.

However , you should be cautious as there are stinging blue jellyfish also called Portuguese Man-O-War as it can ruin your day and also watch out for limu. They are brought by the trade winds and can harm you so obey the rules.

Bellows Beach Park is among the guarded beaches of Oahu Island. Bellows is owned by the AFS and is military controlled beach. The military members also use the place for training. Along with the cabins Bellows provides the military members with many more facilities like beach club, mini-mart etc.

The climate of Bellows is tropical. During winters of Hawaii, windstorms and rains are very frequent but does not stay for long and clear up within a day. The rainfall varies from location to location. Humidity is moderate but the pleasant winds make the weather comfortable and enjoyable.

Bellows Beach is a perfect place for those who are intriguing for pleasant tropical beach. Visiting this place, you will surely go back home with wonderful memories of this beach.

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Event Rental – Finding The Cheapest One

At times looking for an event rental company becomes a very tiring and time consuming process. This mostly happens when people cannot find an option within their budget. Let’s glance at some easy techniques to find economical event rental companies. First of all, define a price range. In other words, determine a minimum and maximum limit according to your monetary standing. This is more flexible than quoting a fixed figure. Once you are done with this, start looking for companies which are charging more your required range. It is obvious that there is some margin of bargaining but you cannot expect a discount of sixty or seventy percent. For instance, if your maximum limit is 500 USD, do not waste your time is considering companies which are charging a total amount of one thousand dollars. Select three to four options which match your demands.

Price may be a very important factor but you also have to look at the quality standards. Hence, you need to compare your selected companies on the basis of offered services. For instance, check the quality of tents and cutlery. If you are getting a stage set up, you need to glance at its cost as well. The prize of the stage varies according to the size of audience. Its shape varies according to the venue. Once you have finalized the event rental company in terms of quality, you can communicate with the event rental company in terms of bargaining.

Every event rental company does not provide a very attractive discount percentage to the customers. If the company already has an excess of orders, you cannot expect a very attractive deal. On the other hand, newer event rental companies are more agile and they offer better deals as well. If you are not organizing an event on a very large scale, you can check one of these options as well. Newer companies are much cheaper than established ones as they have fewer customers and they need to survive the competition.

Being economical is a good practice but hiring a company with low standard services to save money is not a good practice. You should ensure that all the things are up to standard. Even the if the catering maintains a very high standard, a low caliber event management effort can spoil the overall effort. You can also check the online ratings of various event management companies to reach the best decision.

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