Points to Consider When You Buy Tropical Fish Tanks

Typically, tropical fish tanks are made from either glass or acrylic.

Glass Fish Tanks
There are two types of glass to choose from. Optical quality and regular glass. The less expensive option is regular glass. This glass has a slight blue-green tinge to it which reduces the color intensity you will see from the fish living in it and becomes more noticeable in larger tanks with thicker glass. At the end of the day though, most tropical fish tank owners would probably not notice this difference. The most discerning tropical fish hobbyist will generally choose the optical quality glass for its clearer vision. When deciding on the tank to choose, look for good quality workmanship. Each part should be joined together with an even section of silicone and should be connected well. Any cut glass edges should be smooth and even.

Acrylic Fish Tanks
Acrylic is used for a lot of small to medium sized tropical fish tanks. One of the benefits of this material is that it can be molded in to many different shapes. Other benefits of acrylic fish tanks are that it is lighter than glass, therefore making it easier and safer to move. The main disadvantage of an acrylic tank is that, over time, it can lose its clarity due to scratching. These scratches can be buffed however the abrasives required can be harmful to the fish living in it. A lot of care must be taken to remove all traces of the chemical before placing fish back in to the tank. In some instances a light sanding before buffing with an abrasive can be beneficial.

When choosing the size of your tank take the following in to consideration. Your budget. Remember there will also be accessories and fish you need to buy to establish the tank. Transporting the tank. You need to get it home first. Is your vehicle suitable? If not, can the aquarium store offer delivery? Once you’ve got it home, are you able to lift it to put it in place, not just the first time but if ever you wish to move it to another location?

Whereabouts in your home or office is it going? Are you going to be able to move it through doorways and hallways to get it there? If not, an option might be to have it assembled on site. What type of surface will the tank be sitting on? Once filled the tank is going to be very heavy, will the position of your tank take the weight? Keep in mind that water weighs one kilogram per liter of water.

Now that you’ve got these points in mind, have fun choosing your tropical fish tanks and let your creativity shine!

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