Positive Motivation for Co-Workers

People who work in a “good” company will tell you that they have a good manager or boss that was typically very encouraging, and that a solid motivational structure was in place that not only encouraged a strong work ethic but that rewarded success.  One key aspect of positive motivation in the workplace that is often overlooked is that between co-workers. Managers and bosses can only be around their employers so often, but co-workers are actually in the trenches together. One bad mood or demotivating force in the trenches can bring the  morale of the entire department or organization down, so it is important to do what you can to keep everyone uplifted.

So how do you spread positive motivation to co-workers? It is important to keep a pulse on each and every employee. It can be difficult as a manager to uncover which employee or employees is a demotivating force, and yet you likely can tell when there is a negative force at play in the trenches. Once you find out which employee or employees is the negative force, it is important to make every effort to change that force for the positive. Keep in mind that this person likely has a very strong personality as his or her comments and actions are affecting so many others close by. If you can change that negative force into a positive force that is working for you to inspire confidence and hard work, you will have a more successful workforce.

Positive motivation can be spread through positive words and a rewards system. However, it can also be spread through encouraging positive comments to be made to co-workers, and this can be instilled through a mentoring system or even simply catching people inspiring confidence and encouraging co-workers, and rewarding that positive behavior in some fashion.

Carla Kaplan is a writer and researcher on positive motivation. Find insight, inspiration, and tips on how to stay positively motivated at this blog: eof737.wordpress.com

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