Respect In Relationship – 7 Practical Steps To Say Hello To Respect

Respect in relationship is valuing and understanding the differences of each other. So when you are belittling each other, you are not living with respect at all. If loving a person without any respect to him or her at all is useless, worthless, pointless and doubtful. With love, there is respect, and with respect there is also love. Really, how much do you love someone as much as you respect him?

Part of going into the process of the relationship is to see the real persona of each other on the best and worse times. You will both discover what are your flaws, bad habits and even your immaturities. More so, flaws are part of married life, and the ability to accept those are opening doors for respect. Just be careful of being comfortable with knowing each other because you never know disrespect is becoming part of the relationship; be aware of it! Truly, it is always best to earn respect from each other as love will never cease to grow.

1. Be natural all the time
Your partners love you more when they see you behaving and acting exactly the same as before. What he or she sees in you at home and acting it out outside home is an indication that you have been true to your partner. By being real, you will have all the respect from your partner which is needed in the relationship.

2. Respect alone can cause respect
The first thing you can do is to gain respect from yourself before respecting others. The respect should be rooted within your heart. You cannot expect your partner to respect you when you are not worthy to be respected as a person. Now, assess yourself and your value for respect.

3. Make the best of everything for the relationship
This should not be mistaken that either one of you will only have the effort to keep the relationship. This only means that when there are problems in the relationship, both of you must be willing to solve it. Do not give any reason for the partner to think that you are slowly moving out in the relationship. Respect will be out of the picture when you are always passive.

4. Be appealing
This doesn’t talk about your physical aspect or how you look at. It means that what you were to him or her before, you should be the same even now. Now, even if time has changed, you have to make each other feel secured that you are as interesting as before.

5. Learn to be self-determining and be TRUE
To be independent means you can decide what is right without any worry for someone or something. Remember, the most respected person is the one who knows what to do without guidance from someone.
Honesty is also a big factor in earning ones respect It is with honesty that you are able to share all your views, opinions, feelings and sentiments to your partner which in turn giving him the respect you have always been desiring.

6. Do what makes you happy
Never reach to the point that you are getting emotionally attached and physically dependent on your partner, because the value of respect for privacy and some personal space is needed in any relationship. Learn to appreciate yourself, love what you do and be happy always.

7. Listen from your heart
To listen means you are allowing the partner’s thoughts and feelings to be absorbed and felt by you. As such, listening is about making way for expressions of feelings and will be able to get through the thought of it as a way for respecting each other’s view.

Respect in relationship is applicable to all, be it at home, school, work, etc. We can actually find respect anywhere in the world but it can only be felt by persons who have been respectful and are worthy of respect. More so, it is because of respect that there exist a good and lasting relationship. Respect is best felt when done rather than just said. Remember, learning to respect takes time. Truly, respect will never fail you to grow as you will be able to appreciate yourself and your life more.

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