Rising Damp Needs Basement Waterproofing

There is something that we all love about every season the world goes through. Summer is the hot weather, we can go to the beach, play in the sand and take our families on picnics – we can do things that we do not get to do in any of the other season, except spring. Winter is one of those seasons that we love to hate. The main reason for not liking winter as much as spring or summer is that it brings on the damp, which means that we need to do basement waterproofing, and other types of damp control around the rest of the house.

For a lot of people damp is a huge reality, and the main cause of damp is the fact the when the house was built it was not seal properly. It was also not painted with a damp seal, and or the roof leaks whenever it rains.

Now, there are a number of reason why a house will get damp, but who cares about that, all we, as home owners are concerned of is that we get a moldy ceiling every year when winter comes around and there is nothing we can do about it.

We all need to go buy a few bottles of cleaner and paint so that we can give our places a nice clean and coat of paint once a year. This is what most of us do year in and year out. There are other things you can do if you are having problems with damp.

The first thing you may want to do is to get the professional to go through you home. They will come in and see where the damp is. They will then climb into you ceiling or attic (which ever or where ever the roof is) and they will try to determine where the damp is coming from.

Yes, this alternative is a bit pricey once off, but you will find, if they do find the leak you will not have this problem ever again, which means that you do not need to go out and buy paints and cleaner once every year. It will all be done, clean and mold free.

You also want to remember that you do not want to leave the mold on your ceiling or walls for too long; there are a ton of health issues that this can bring up – for your whole family. If you have kids, this is especially true, you really want to get that mold cleaned up as soon as possible, and if possible, get the professional out to get the problem fixed.

We know how tough times are these days, but it is important that you clean up the moldy mess, as it can cause TB is the little tiny spores get into the air and gets breathed in through the mouth or nose. You do not want this type of thing happening to any member of the family. Besides, this type of healthy issue will cost more than the professional damp people.

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