Santorini Beaches – Covered With Black and Red Volcanic Rocks

Santorini is probably the most famous of all Greek Islands. It is a part of the Cycladic group of islands and is located on the Aegean Sea. It is also the southernmost island among this group.

When you talk about Santorini island, you instantly think of the amazing volcano that marks the geographical feature of the island, the yet unsolved and puzzling myth of Atlantis that rages in the minds of many scholars till today, the world’s largest caldera, the beautiful sunset views, the scenic villages located on the rim of this caldera and the spectacular beaches of the island.

In fact, Santorini beaches are quite different from any other beach in Greece or around the world, as they are characterized by their black and red sand, coming from the volcano. There are numerous beaches on Santorini but the most popular are found on the eastern side.

The most famous beach of Santorini is definitely Red beach, which has been characterized by many travel guides as one of the most romantic and sexiest beaches in the world. This beach took its name from the red volcanic rocks that cover the coast and the seabed. Not surprisingly, the water is very hot as it is coming directly from volcanic thermal springs. A huge rock surrounds Red beach and protects it from winds.

Other famous Santorini beaches include Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos, on the south eastern side of the island. These beaches have black sand and clean water, while they are surrounded by huge rocky cliffs. These three are the most organized tourism resorts of the island and you can find plenty of Santorini hotels and Santorini apartments close to them. Their long size is convenient and allows them not to get much crowded in summer. Some water sports clubs are also found there. If you enjoy water sports, you are adviced to try diving in Santorini: the volcanic underwater with rare flora and fauna will be unforgettable.

However, apart from crowded beaches, Santorini also has a few calm coves to enjoy some privacy. Such a calm and picturesque cove is Cape Columbo on the northern side of the island, with black sand and a rocky surrounding. Cape Columbo is frequently affected by northern winds and waves are pretty strong.

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