Sweeten Your Party beforehand with Candy Invitation

Your party is candy party and since you are going to a lot of trouble finding the perfect invitation pick from a company that designs the perfect invitation for you and one that is not mass produced. Choose an invite for your party not only with a ‘sweet greeting’ but with add the extras and offer you something exclusive. Invites are ordered for all kinds of special parties and events. If your party theme is sweet, choose an invite that is not only exclusive, but one that is custom designed in your colors. A popular Invitation that with candy, bows and other adornments attached to them tell your guests from the start that your birthday is really going to be very special event. An idea that is most popular is a lollipop attached to the invite decorated with a bow and a decal with the honoree’s initial or birthday year on it and in a matching design to the invite.

Custom Invites that are modern and contemporary will not only give your guests a sneak preview of what to expect from your special party but will get them excited about what is to come!. If you are looking for a unique and special invitation find one that will not only match with the theme of the party but also the theme, or the party colors, table settings, centerpieces, the spectacular cake, the candy favors, and the dress attire and more. Try to coordinate all these elements that pull together your whole event. You can make your day even sweeter with our candy invites – an invitation with real edible candies attached. Guests love to receive the invitation with a sweet treat attached. The invitation design can be in any color and in any design to compliment the rest of the event. Select from extreme elegance, whimsical, avant guard, dramatic, bold, contemporary, therefore having the invitation become a gateway to your dream party day. An invitation can be designed like the cake or a special theme for that honoree. Lot’s of themes can be used in designing invites, Mardi Gras, Pirates, Candyland, Princess, !st Birthday Prince, Cartoon Characters, Hawaiian or Tropical, Beach, Garden, Sports, Hollywood, 50’s party, Under the Sea, etc.

When looking for a unique invitation, it is imperative you find a highly regarded merchant that sells quality original designs, exclusive ideas, an array of colors, as well as one that is printed with high quality ink that matches, quality papers and matching envelopes from a trustyworthy manufacturer. It might be necessary to view the customer base and see the comments from customers that have been satisfied with this product and how it has reached all over the world with satisfied customers. A company where you can actually speak to the artist and creator of the product has great advantage as apposed to dealing with a mass produced card sold on thousands of other websites and marked up. Many invite websites have templates customers must fill in and do the work, but a company that does that for you makes the invite less stressful and the final look will be balanced and include all the things you would want to tell your friends and family about the upcoming event in an elegant manner. Be aware of choosing a company that helps with the designing and placement of the text and not left to the customer to make all those decisions on an invitation template. A company that makes available designs that can match not only the party invitation but also can match the announcement party invites, save the date cards, thank you cards, RSVP and reply cards, menu cards, extra map cards, cards for just the ceremony or service, and of course matching address labels. Most companies on the internet are selling a mass produced product so in turn, that is what you get – the set design, set colors and spacing where they want it and all done by the customer! Remember full color denotes mass production.

A candy party theme invitation is a new concept and one that will be chosen by many that want that extra special touch to their invitations without having to over pay extra for it. Many people like the idea of adding their own personal phrase or poem in the invite. By adding the RSVP matching card it saves and gives you more space for venue, time, place and date. If two invites are needed, one for the ceremony and one for the reception the same design can be used with different text or a compliment design in the same colors can be chosen.

Choose a company that can offer the whole package and one that also has the candy wrapped with elegance so your event turns in to dream candy party and is as lovely as the honoree or honorees.

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