The Best Method to Fill a Cedar Planter Box

A cedar planter box is an outstanding method of bringing the natural beauty of flowers into your backyard. These planters let you to grow your flowers in an orderly, attractive container in the arrangement of your choosing.

Regrettably, if you don’t spend the time needed to plan and execute an organized and aesthetically appealing arrangement, a cedar planter can actually reduce the attractiveness of your backyard. It will make your planter box appear to be cluttered and disorder, and will reflect poorly on you and your ability to decorate and care for your home.

Here are a few tips for ensuring you get the most beautiful planter box possible. A well-maintained cedar planter will add exponentially to the appeal and sophistication of your yard.

When shopping, ensure that you are purchasing the supplies you will need for success. First, buy several different types of complimentary smaller potted plants.

Make sure that you only buy plants which require the same amounts of sunlight and water. Otherwise, you will be unable to place your planter in a spot which will allow all your flowers to grow to their fullest potential. Also, purchase plants that are different heights, so that you can arrange them in a manner that lets you to see all of them at once.

Before you start planting, place the planter box in the position from which it will be viewed in your backyard. Setting it like this will ensure that your arrangement design will be as attractive as possible from the angle from which it will be seen.

Next, fill up the planter with loose potting soil, making sure to leave two inches at the top of the box.

Then, design your arrangement while the plants are still in the containers they came with from the nursery. Ensure that you have the whole flower scheme designed before starting to plant. That way, you aren’t just haphazardly placing flowers, but know your plan of action instead.

When planning your arrangement, be sure to put the tallest flowers in the back, the shortest flowers up front, and the medium-height flowers in the middle. That way, you can view all the flowers at the same time, and the taller plants will not block the smaller ones.

Begin by planting the taller flowers in the middle of the back row of the cedar planter. Continue planting out from the center across the back row, and move forward if you need more space.

Then, make indentations in the dirt surrounding the planted taller plants using your trowel and set the medium plants in those indentations. Again, start in the middle and work outwards and forwards.

The shortest plants should planted last. They should be placed in the front rows of your cedar planter, because they will not obscure the view of the taller flowers behind them.

If you follow these easy steps, and then make sure to regularly water and care for the plants in your cedar planter box, you will have the pleasure of a beautiful and polished-looking arrangement of flowers in your backyard. These boxes can impress your guests, and make your yard or patio much more aesthetically-pleasing.

Amy Martin is a freelance author who regularly writes about patio boxes and cedar planter boxes.

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