Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Congratulations! You got the right man, he gave you a nice ring, and finally you got the perfect wedding dress. But wait! Your bridal outfit seems lacking some amazing touch – a wedding veil. When choosing your wedding veil, the following tips from DressesShop experts may be helpful for a lazy bride.

Time it right
The best time to select your veil style and fabric is at the first dress fitting. At this stage you’re likely to be making decisions about the length of your gown’s train, and your veil can be measured against that. Select your veil before your jewellery.

Colour matching
Popular shades for veils include white, diamond white, ivory and cream. Choose a tone to match your gown (if you’re wearing white) or make a statement with a slightly darker shade. Never choose a veil that’s a lighter colour than your gown.

Place setting
The placement of your veil is important – its position on your head will influence your look. For a vintage fee, wear your veil quite low at the back of your head. Attach it higher up for a more classic look and to create the illusion of height.

The style of your veil will also influence its positioning. Poufs should sit low on the head, while a circular veil must be placed higher to allow the eye piece to fall in the right position.

It pays to take your veil to your hair trial, so you can work with your hairstylist to decide on a look that suits the veil and determine where it will sit on your head.

If you’re wearing your hair in a side bun or chignon, for example, the veil will need to be positioned higher up. If your hair is styled to sit low on your head, a popular option is to position the veil under the back of your bun.

If you’re going to style your own hair for the wedding, practice attaching the veil several times before the big day and ensure you’ve had the pins and tools needed to keep it in place, and to remove it, if required.

Money matters
Designer veils can range in price from $ 65 to $ 700, depending on the style. The cost of your veil will also depend on its length and how detailed it is. Beading and edging are often done by hand, and lace work is more expensive due to the time it takes to cut, place and attach. Even if worn solely for the ceremony your veil is an accessory, and like your flowers and hairstyle, it’s an extension of your gown. Therefore it’s worth investing time and money into getting it just right, so it adds something truly special to your day.

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