Top 10 Positive Affirmations to Success in Life

Mind Over Matter. I am sure many of you have heard of this statement before, it is a very powerful statement. In fact, the mind is a very powerful thing, everything happens first on our mind. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Perhaps you have often heard of this statement as well.

But, WHY most people tend to think negative instead? Even though we know that positive thinking is a very powerful thing. The reason is because we listen to others. When other people complain, we pay attention. In fact, most people like to hear negative news. Just take a look at the television news these days, bad news spread very fast.

That is why we tend to have negative internal dialogues in our mind. This is bad because negative thinking will keep you from doing the right things or things that will lead you to success.

Negative self-talk can be a roadblock to doing your best, pursuing your dreams, and enjoying life. On the other hand, positive self-talk can spur you on to do great things and live an exciting life full of passion!

A great way to get motivated is to use motivational affirmations. Using affirmations can change how you think about yourself and how you view the world around you. These positive statements can bring you the motivation you seek, as well as happiness, joy, and passion.

The motivational affirmations work because they push away the negative thoughts that are limiting you day in and day out. You can leave your negative thinking in the past if you fill your current thoughts with positive, motivational affirmations.

Here are some of the top motivational affirmations you should develop in your mind and make them become second nature to you:

1. I am a positive thinker and I will always think positive even when I face difficult challenges in my life!

2. I will use positive thinking and positive attitude to carry out my duty in life!

3. No matter what I’m working on right now, I will strive to do my best and achieve the best results!

4. I am confident and I trust my own ability. I can achieve what I want!

5. I am highly motivated to do the best in both my career and personal life!

6. I will never give up! If I fail, I will treat it as a lesson learned. I will learn from my failure and do a better job next time!

7. I am not fearful of problem in life. I will face it and go through it courageously!

8. I am a responsible person. I am responsible for my own actions!

9. I have a purpose in life and I intend to live a purposeful life!

10. I will always look at the bright side of life!

Please note that different people may have different motivational affirmations. You should write your own affirmation statements that are related to your own life experiences. Make sure you write them down and read them out everyday. Before you know it, these motivational and positive affirmations will become your second nature. When this become your second nature, you will feel more confident and positive in whatever you do. Trust me, it works!

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