Toss The Litter Box – Toilet Train Your Feline

Often times, the mere smell of someone’s home will reveal whether or not they own a cat. There may not be much worse than the putrid smell of a dirty litter box emanating within a home. Many people would jump at just a chance to eliminate the stench of cat waste altogether.

One obvious, but somewhat impractical way to accomplish this is to let your feline outside. Many cat owners, however, would rather not have their cats wondering around out of doors. A more practical solution to this dilemma is to train your cat to use the toilet. The thought of this may leave you wondering how to go about toilet training your cat.

Not only is cat litter is a poor mask for the awful smell a cat leaves behind, but the cost of purchasing litter really adds up over the lifespan of your cat. Before you begin, bear in mind that training your pet will require a great deal of patience. Training your cat to use the toilet will take some time. Older cats that have grown accustomed to using their box will likely take a bit longer.

More often than not, training a young cat is significantly easier. The first step is familiarizing your cat with the restroom. Always leave the bathroom door open, and as much as possible, position the litter box near the toilet. This will allow the cat to grow accustomed to the room. Provided you have a spare bathroom, it may be beneficial to place the litter box on top of the toilet seat. Doing so will ingrain the location into the mind of the cat.

Once your cat has grown used to climbing on top of the toilet to get to the litter box, you can replace it with a small container with a bit of water at the bottom. After several weeks of this you cat will find nothing out of the ordinary with the toilet. Once this is accomplished, you may remove the container and your pet will be fully toilet trained. Of course teaching them to flush is an entirely separate issue, but the odor and extra coast associated with cat litter will be gone.

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