Wedding Guest Books Now Add a Touch of Excellence on Your Special Day

Cultures may be different, traditions may be diverse, but all humans are one and the same. Be it an European, an American or an Asian; the way of getting married differs but when we see in depth the traditions are one and the same. The names may vary but the concept is same; likewise the wedding guest books concept exist in each and every culture.

Wedding Guest Books:

Wedding Guest Books are conventionally a register wherein the guests enter their names and the gifts they give to the couple. The guests may alternatively leave a wish or blessing poem to the couple. In earlier days people used to keep a notebook or a bunch of papers for this purpose, but nowadays the bride, groom and even their family members want to make the wedding to be perfect in all possible ways, therefore they even concentrate on the guest books.

Handmade Wedding Guest Books:

Guest books are best only if they are handmade, because the cost of making them is cheaper and the book will be more unique and exceptional if handmade. Similar to invitation, stationery, and photo albums the guest book too can be made to match the theme of the marriage. Generally handmade guest books are made of parchments or tissues. Alternatively if your wedding is of royal or hi-fi grade, then you may stick the guests’ photos and leave a space for their wish or autograph.

Personalized Wedding Guest Books:

Personalization in case of guest books is limited but very creative. This personalization can be done to suit the ideas of the bride and groom. If you want to give a antique touch, you can keep parchments, quills and ink near the guest book so that the guest write their wishes in an antique manner. Personalized wedding guest books often has the photo of couples and even the guests, these photos make your guest book unique from the ones available in the market. You can customize the guest book even more by keeping a wish tree additionally near the guest book in order to allow the guests to tie their wishes in the tree. You can add a personal request on the top of the guest book or even you can keep a personal note engraved in a stone such as “We are happy to hear about your expertise on marriage”, “Bestow upon us your blessings”, etc. Additionally you can keep a vintage typewriter which adds a traditional touch as well as makes your marriage guest book section more unique. This is not all; you can make your cousins or friends to stand near the guest book section instead of outsiders so that it adds a personal touch to the guests.

“Even a tiny black dot spoils the giant pure white cloth” – similarly even a tiniest mistake may cause weirdoes in your wedding. Take optimum care and personalize everything you can; after all it’s your wedding, who else has the right to make it a perfect one than you??

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