Wedding Photography – Investing In Your Investment

When you are planning your wedding, inevitably an enormous amount of thought, time and money goes into the process. Sometimes this means years of planning; and a very large financial commitment.

Eventually, after a lot of research and time on your part you make the final decisions and choose the suppliers you think will help make your big day everything you are hoping for. You pay over those deposits or retaining fees, and there is that feeling of excitement that you are one step closer to the wedding; but also a small twitchy feeling of anxiety. Have you just made the right decision? After all, its a big investment, isnt it?

And thats the key phrase. You have made an investment. An investment with a professional such as a wedding photographer, an investment into their skill and expertise; and now you trust them to do an expert job for you.

Investment goes further than your pocket, however – or at least it should. Its simple, really. Yes, those professionals you have booked will do their job, but wouldnt it be great if they did more than just that? Go that extra mile, make that extra effort; invest themselves in your wedding day, in YOU; and give you that little something extra in return.

The very best wedding photographers will do just that. They will get to know their couples, form a relationship so that they can get the very best from them, and give the very best they can in return.

But lets turn this on its head for a minute. What if there is no relationship? What if you simply book your professional to do the job and thats that? No personal contact, you just pay final fees, check wedding day details and expect them to turn up and do what you have paid them to do. Well, that should be ok; you have taken your time to choose and hire professionals, and as such they should perform accordingly.

But because you havent made an investment in them, taken the trouble to get to know them a little – why should they in return invest in you, get to know you and your personal desires for this special day youre planning? After all, they are just the hired help, arent they?

If you want to get the very best from your wedding photographer (and after all your research, you paid good money for the best you could find, yes?) then simply invest in them. Just a little. Take an interest in what they do; read their blog, catch up on Facebook from time to time. Above all discuss your plans, your dreams – make them feel part of your big day, not just someone who is performing a functional service.

You will be surprised at just how much more fun they are to be around, what an incredible store of knowledge they have for you to draw on, and how often you notice them doing just that little bit more than you expected.

Oh, and above all dont forget to say a quick thank you when the dust has settled and you have time to reflect. And if they dont deserve a thank you? Well, be sure to tell them that too!

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