Wedding Sarees An Embodiment Of Diverse Cultures

Wedding is the most important and memorable ceremony in the life of a woman so she plans her entire bridal dress and accessories well in advance. Choosing the best wedding sarees is one of the most confusing tasks which brides face today as there are so many beautiful varieties of sarees in different colors and materials.

The Indian Wedding Sarees

Wedding sarees of India are famous all over the world for its ethnic beauty and exquisiteness. There are endless varieties of sarees found in different states according to the cultural diversities. In the North of India, you can find beautiful Jaipur bridal sarees with beautiful embroideries and zari work. The Kashmiri silk sarees are worn by the Marwari brides and is done in intricate patterns of embroideries.

The Mysore silk sarees are famous for its rich silk and light weight fabrics which make it easier to wear. The Kanchipuram wedding sarees in pure silk is one of the most expensive and elegant sarees that brides love to wear. These sarees are quite expensive as the works on these sarees are done in pure gold. The Banarasi sarees are equally expensive and elegant which also involves intricate and beautiful patterns done in pure golden threads.

Earlier the Indian wedding sarees were available in shades of red and maroon as it was considered auspicious for marriages. Red color denoted marital bliss, prosperity and luck. But now bridal sarees are available in almost all colors such as pink, blue, yellow, orange, green and so forth.

Designer wear bridal sarees are becoming more popular among the brides today. Shades of blue, mauve, pink, peach and olive green is trendier among bridal wear sarees these days. Gone are those days when brides draped bright red sarees with matching red accessories. Today every saree of any color has matching accessories to compliment it. Wedding sarees with lace settings, stones, pearls and brocade are quite expensive but a true feast for the eyes. These sarees bestow a distinctive appearance on the bride and makes her special day unique and memorable.

Innovative Designs and Shades

Bridal sarees in different hues is a change from the mundane red and maroon shades. Teel green, turquoise blue and shades of magenta add to the beauty of the bride. Designer sarees with hand embroideries and expensive zari work can be bought from many of the online wedding stores at exclusive prices.

Earlier brides loved to choose silk sarees as their bridal wear but now most of the women love to experiment with different colors as well as fabrics. Bridal sarees are also made of fabrics like georgette, crepe, satin, tissue and so forth. Designer made sarees laden with rich sequel work, precious stone work, and thread work is quite popular among brides today.

Wedding sarees, in double tones like silver and magenta, pink and blue, golden and black, are the themed contemporary designs which are craved by the brides these days. No matter what color or fabric, the Indian bridal sarees are the most popular and exclusive wear that has enthralled people all over the world.

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