What True Champions Are Made Of

Positive attitudes are for optimists. Powerful attitudes are for champions.

I was recently reading the story of Serena Williams where she talked about the ‘mental moxie’ it takes to be a champion. She said, “Champions aren’t just optimists. They are people who have risked everything in order to win.”

For several decades, personal development gurus have been telling us to have a positive attitude. W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and dozens of other personal development author, speakers and coaches have been lauding this message everywhere they go. They all agree that a ‘positive mental attitude’ is essential for success.

As I was finishing my first book, my editor called me one day from Australia to let me know that she felt that what I advocated in the book was far more than the message of ‘have a positive attitude.’ She said that what I was teaching others was a resolve that people need in order to realize their full potential and live the life that they’ve imagined. She suggested that I name my book, ‘Powerful Attitudes.’

So what is a ‘powerful attitude’ and how does it differ from having a positive attitude?

The greatest example of having a positive attitude is the visual of whether you see the glass as half empty or half full. It is a perhaps a lense that helps you see the world much more accurately very a positive perspective. A positive attitude is a far more realistic attitude than a negative attitude (even though a negative attitude is often more believable for most people).

I know that a positive outlook and attitude IS, without doubt, essential for any kind of achievement you pursue. However, the attitude of champions is far more than simply positive. It is an attitude of commitment, resolve, courage and the willingness to take risks.

A powerful attitude is a mindset that is chosen which says, “I WILL achieve and exceed my goals OR, I will die trying.” The truth is, very rarely has anyone died pursuing their goals and dreams.

A powerful attitude is an attitude that is more than simply seeing the world through rose colored glasses. It is an attitude that, when others say they will ‘try’ to achieve their goals and dreams, a powerful attitude agrees with the great wise Yoda who says, “There is no try. There is ‘do’ or ‘not do.” There’s no allowance for retreat.

To learn more about how you can own a powerful attitude required to become a true champion read Michael Murphy’s book, “Powerful Attitudes: How To Attract Amazing Success.” Go to http://www.positiveattitudes.com

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