When You Can’t Decide Between A Beach Or A City Holiday Look Into Sydney

Australia is certainly one of the most scenic natural habitats around the world. When you think of Sydney, Australia however, you are most likely thinking about city life, entertainment, culture, fine dining, and sidewalks. While this is definitely one side of Sydney it is surely not the only side and Sydney has a lot to present visitors by the way of outstanding beaches as well.

Although the beaches of this region may seem a bit off the beaten path they are also some of the finest beaches and if you are looking to split your holiday or are just looking for a day away from the concrete slabs of the city then there are quite a few beaches that might peak your interest. There are lovely beaches to the south and the north of Sydney and they aren’t so far out of the way that you cant take a day and hit the surf.

By far one of the most popular beaches in this region is Bondi Beach but there are several others that make a splash with travelers as well. The most popular beaches include Coogee, Manly, and Collaroy as well and each of these beaches is popular not just for their sand and surf but also for their setting as well. Each beach area has its own town filled with wondrous shops and amazing restaurants and eateries. There are several weekend markets and nightlife experiences as well throughout these beach towns and many choose to spend several days on the shore of Sydney.

The outstanding beaches give rise to some fun and adventure with many water sports available even to those attempting them for the very first time. If you are hoping to learn to surf, snorkel, or scuba dive then the shores of Sydney are an excellent place to acquire a new activity and can help to generate some incredible holiday adventure stories for your return home as well.

So when you think of Sydney, do not simply think of it as a big city and nothing else. Sydney also has some unbelievable beaches excellent for lying out in the sun or doing a little treasure hunting. Sydney is full on adventure and one that makes the wonderful lazy beach holiday or cultural and historic experience and your personal experience will encompass whatever you want depending on where in Sydney you choose to stay. And if you want to see it all you can spend a few days in city accommodations and then a few days at a beachfront resort for the entire Sydney experience.

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