Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Want To Be Friends? Understanding His Actions After The Break Up

Why does my ex boyfriend want to be friends? Why is it that my ex is always contacting me? I wish I knew why my boyfriend says he misses me since he was the one who dumped me. These are all valid and common concerns of women after a break up. When you’re coming through a split, and you’ve still got some lingering feelings for your guy, you’re bound to wonder what his actions mean. It’s confusing, to say the least, when he still wants to be friends, or tries to call you or tells you that he misses the good times. What exactly does it all mean? Is it a reflection of his regret at the break up or is he just trying to be kind? Surprisingly, many women misread their ex’s actions after the relationship has ended.

Most men react in a very specific and predictable way after a romantic relationship ends. They pull back and try to create some distance. They do this because they want to get a firm grip on what they’re feeling. That’s almost impossible to do when the woman is right there waiting with baited breath to see if he’ll take her back. If your boyfriend took some time for himself after the break up it’s because he was sorting through what he was feeling emotionally. Once he’s done that, he’ll do one of two things. He’ll either reach out to you again or he’ll break off all contact.

If he has come to you and suggested you two be friends, don’t mistake that for common courtesy. Many women reject that idea because they feel that it’s a step in the wrong direction. If you want your ex to be your boyfriend again, it seems silly to agree to just be his platonic friend, right? Wrong. It’s his way of keeping a connection with you so tell him you’d love to be his friend if you’re hoping for more in the future.

When a man continually calls, texts or emails his ex, he’s not doing that because he misses the small talk you two used to share. He wants to hear your voice. He misses having you in his life and he believes that if he keeps the lines of communication open, he can remain an important person to you. If you’re hoping that things turn into more again, be friendly and accommodating to him. Don’t get into anything too heavy though concerning the past problems you two faced or the break up If you can keep things light, it will help you both to feel more comfortable with each other.

Finally, he says he misses you. It’s really hard to know how to take that, isn’t it? If you love him, you obviously want it to mean that he misses being your boyfriend. He likely does. Don’t overreact to this though by telling him that you miss him too and wish you had him back. He’s slowly trying to share what he’s feeling so allow him to do that without any pressure. Just take it as a good sign. It means he harbors some regret and is remembering the good times you two shared.

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