Why Pembrokeshire is the Most Desirable Holiday Destination for Beach Enthusiasts and Tourists Alike

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the colorful view of a setting sun with your back lying straight against the fine sands of the beach. Every person who is hungry for some relaxing vacation desires of this. But, Pembrokeshire can offer a lot more than just a setting sun on the beach. With over 50 different beaches stretched along the 186 mile coastline of the country, Pembrokeshire beaches host a wide variety of water sports and adventures. Beach buffs will surely enjoy their holidays in Pembrokeshire with various sorts of holiday cottage UK located just a few walks near the beaches.

At the beginning of the Coastal Path lies Amroth Beach which is mostly pebbly along the banks. But when the tide is low, fine sands are exposed along the beach. It has a limited car park, public toilets and a disabled toilet access. Food and ice creams are also available on the beach but not for the whole year. After Amroth is the Wisemans Bridge with much finer pebbles on the banks. The beach has a historical significance for it was used as a rehearsal ground for the D-Day Normandy Invasion in 1944. Like Amroth it also has the same facilities available on the beach. For most of the beaches in Pembrokeshire, tourists can have easy and hassle free access on barious public facilities. A number of pubs are also located nearby to provide more enjoyment and fun for the tourists.

Other beaches in Pembrokeshire include Saundersfoot, Tenby, Church Doors, Manorbier, Barafundle Bay, Broad Haven South, Freshwater West, West Angle, Watwick Bay, Dale and a whole lot more. All these beaches has varying characteristics highlighting different water sports and activities. Whether you want to surf, kayak or just simply enjoy a peaceful and relaxing breeze along the beach, Pembrokeshire can deliver. A holiday cottage UK is also available in almost every corner of the country especially near the coastline. Whether you are a couple, a family or groups of friends who want to spend their holidays in Pembrokeshire, there is surely at least one cottage that will serve as your sanctuary as you enjoy true relaxation on the beaches.

But if you want to enjoy a distinctive overlooking view of the beach, the sea and the sun, there are also several beaches that offer easy cliff access for tourists. However, some of these beaches are really not advisable for swimmers. Dramatic and relaxing view settings can be expected from these beaches and not swimmer friendly environments. In some areas of Pembrokeshire, a tourist can go for a holiday cottage UK that sits at the top or at the side of the cliff that offers magnificent and scenic views just through the window. This will make holidays in Pembrokeshire even more enjoyable for guests from around the world.

Most tourists may be used to choosing hotels as main option for their accommodation but a holiday cottage UK brings a new yet home-friendly twist for their holidays in Pembrokeshire. With these cottages, you will be indulged to go out more often and get to know the village a whole lot better for a more meaningful vacation.

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